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How do I upload HTML5 creative to Terminus?



  • Steve Rueckhaus

    I just did my first upload of HTML5 ads.  It took me about an hour to figure out how to prep the files (9 creatives) and do the uploads, but once I got the swing of things, it was really simple. I used Creatopy to make the ads, exported them in one click, then used Sublime Text to prep the HTML files in each package for uploading.   The Terminus documentation linked in the OP is up to date, and I was a able to paste the code straight in at the right spot, and make one edit to get the right DIV ID, as directed.  I wasn't sure if it took (no thumbnail), until I found a way to click into an ad preview for each creative, once they're in Ad Experiences.

    If the early clickthrough rates hold up, I'll be doing all of our ads in HTML5 for sure!

  • Brenna Zenaty Community Moderator

    So glad to hear this Steve Rueckhaus! HTML5 definitely takes some more up front work, but they've absolutely proven to be worth the effort in terms of the engagement we've seen in our own ad campaigns.

    Keep us posted on your results!


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