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What certification opportunities would you be interested in?



  • Taylor Young

    I would love to get the Channel-Specific certifications from Terminus first. Secondary to that "Fundamentals" certifications on the strategy behind each channel would be incredibly useful. 

    In order of what I would love to see: 

    • Terminus Display Ads Certification
    • Terminus Chat Certification
    • Terminus Web Experience Certification
    • Terminus Email Experience Certification
    • ABM Fundamentals
    • Advanced ABM
    • Display Advertising Fundamentals
    • Website Chat Fundamentals
    • On-Page Personalization Fundamentals
  • Brenna Zenaty Community Moderator

    This is excellent feedback Taylor Young! Deeper channel-focused education is definitely on our 2021/2022 content plan. Based on this list, it sounds like becoming a Terminus product "power user" would be the priority, vs. learning more about the strategy/best practices for the channel itself? We will definitely keep you posted as our program planning evolves!


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