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  • Madeline Coke Community Manager

    Hey everyone! My name is Madeline Coke, and I'm the Customer Enablement Coordinator and Community Manager here at Terminus. 👋🏼 I live in Atlanta, Georgia (Go Dawgs!) and have been with Terminus for a little over 2 years now. I'm quite a history nerd, so I've been loving the podcast "Stuff You Should Know", which is (fun fact) recorded here in Atlanta! In terms of music, my taste stretches too many genres 😅 but I'd say my favorite band is Lake Street Dive.

    I'm so excited to connect with y'all!

  • Don Owens Community Moderator

    Hello! My name is Don Owens and I'm Lead Product Manager for Data Studio at Terminus. I live in Indianapolis and have been with the company since mid-February of 2021. I have nearly 30 years experience as a software engineer, engineering manager and product manager, most recently at Salesforce Marketing Cloud for almost 8 years where I led the Content Builder team. I'm an avid golfer, and my fun fact about that is I've played golf on 6 continents!

  • Shea Castle Community Moderator

    Hey everyone!

    I'm Shea Castle, Sr Customer Marketing Manager at Terminus, and I'm super excited to engage more with our customers and hear how you all are executing ABM with Terminus. I've been with Terminus for over two years, but I was actually a Terminus customer at two previous organizations before joining the team and I've been an ABM believer since the early days of FlipMyFunnel. 

    I've worked in various marketing roles over the years: product marketing, content marketing, demand gen, and now helping our customers be the best ABMers on the planet. I'm based in Atlanta but grew up an Indiana sport fan. Go Colts and go Hoosiers!

    A little interesting fact about me is that before transitioning to marketing, I went to school for acting and moved to ATL to pursue that dream (and my girlfriend at the time). I joke that the acting dream didn't work out, but I married the girl seven years ago and we have a two-year-old with another on the way. So the important thing worked out!

  • Tanner Brumbarger Community Moderator

    👋Hi everyone! I'm Tanner Brumbarger and I'm on the Product Team here at Terminus, going on 3 years with the team! I live in Indianapolis with my wife and the floppiest Golden Doodle you've ever seen. One fun fact about me: when I was 8 years old, I got lost in a crowd, met Peyton Manning, and hung out with him until he helped me find my parents (I have the picture and autograph to prove it). 

    During my time at Terminus, I've specialized in technical consulting for our Email Experiences product and consulted on implementations of our broader platform prior to joining the Product Team. I have a huge passion for helping others optimize for the right signals and outcomes for their businesses. I'm looking forward to being a part of this initiative! 

  • Judi Lettrich
    Rock Star

    Hey everyone, I'm Judi (Jude) Lettrich and I'm the Director of Field and Partner Marketing at FortressIQ. I'm in Pittsburgh, PA (Go Steelers and Pens!) and have been using Terminus for two whole months LOL and I love it! I like the sibling rivalry podcast and an interesting fact about me...well not me but my cat has his name on a vineyard in Sonoma and a beer wall in Pittsburgh. 

  • Jim Lillig
    Rock Star

    Hi All.  I'm Jim Lillig, and I am the Digital Marketing Director at Remke Industries.

    We are located here in the NW suburbs of Chicago.  I've only just started using the Terminus platform a few months ago and launched my first campaign in June 2021.  Looking forward to great results as the company I work for had never even heard of ABM or programmatic when I was hired 2.5 years ago.

    As far as podcasts, none to speak of unless you count John Oliver (who the F@#k does that!) who is always spot on in his observations.  I am also a huge follower of George Parker, the original Mad Man of advertising. (FYI George is one of the most famous cowriters of our time, and also the progenitor of the term AssClown and Douchenozzle) 

    My favorite band is a mix between Foo Fighters and Steely Dan with a side of Zappa and Gabriel.

    Fun Facts about Jim.  I have been at online marketing since 1996, when I opened my first agency, Softsell. I also placed the first PPC ad on Google after they opened up the platform.  I also am the co-founder of the infamous website  I left that realm in 2003 and have been spearheading new breakthroughs in digital marketing ever since.  That's why I love the Terminus platform which allows me to pinpoint my marketing efforts and be able to magnify the results to my Sales and Management teams.  I love to BREAK SH!T.

  • Caitlin Matchett Community Moderator

    Hi everyone,

    Caitlin Matchett, Strategic Alliances Manager here at Terminus, about to hit my 3 year mark! Anything partner related, I'll be your gal to connect with. I'm located in Indianapolis, and have been a Hoosier since birth. I'm into all things true crime (podcasts, documentaries, you name it). I'm interested in a variety of music, depending on the setting, but my day to day is normally anything acoustic (Coffee house station on XM is always playing during the work day). Fun fact about me is that I was the first person called down for The Price is Right when they came to Ball State, and no sadly I didn't win...$1 away (sigh). 

    I'm looking forward to connecting with you all. Don't be a stranger, and feel free to add me on LinkedIn here. :) 

  • Permanently deleted user Community Moderator

    Hey y'all! So excited to be part of this amazing community!

    My name is Josh Baez, and some of you may know me as your Senior Customer Success Manager at Terminus! I live in Seattle, WA (#westisbest) and started at Terminus in March 2021.

    The first thing you should know about me is that I'm big into 🪴 houseplants... like, extra-extra big! In my home, I probably have over 50 different plants surrounding me. And if you've spoken to me on Zoom, you've probably seen a handful of those in my background! But I also love comicbooks (including movies, TV shows, and podcasts), video games (PC + PlayStation), nature documentaries, and Survivor (yes, that show is still on the air)!

    • Favorite band: Death Cab for Cutie.
    • Favorite podcast: The Weekly Planet.
    • Favorite plant: Monstera deliciosa.

    Let's talk!

  • Connor Bloodworth Community Moderator

    Hi all Happy, to be apart of this community! My name is Connor Bloodworth and I am an Associate Product Manager here at the Terminus Atlanta office. I have worked at and used Terminus for the past 5 years an look forward to many more! 

    I am currently reading "Something Wicked This Way Comes" by Ray Bradbury and listening to the How Did This Get Made and BlackOut podcasts! I can't think of a FAVORITE band right now but I am very excited to be going to the Hella Mega tour soon with Green Day, Fall out boy, and Weezer!

  • Beatriz Magalhaes


    I'm Beatriz Arantes, Global Digital Lead gen Manager at Sensormatic, part of Johnson Controls. I'm based in Madrid, Spain (yes, tapas!). I'm originally from Brazil (yes, samba!), living in Spain for over 15 years now.

    I'm a literature major and besides the classics in Spanish, I enjoy sci-fi books (Just started Project Hail Mary, Ubik, from Philip K Dick is one of my favorite books) and I listen to alot of curious podcasts on food, biografies, and trends. I took a liking on Brene Brown's Unlocking us, such strong interviews! 

     I literally just joined the Terminus platform today, looking forward to put it into action!  

  • Don Owens Community Moderator

    Welcome Beatriz Magalhaes!

  • PJR Leads


    • Kristen Hogerheide, Internet Marketing & Leads Specialist 
    • Located in Metro Detroit, Michigan
    • Perry Johnson, Inc. 
    • Originally a Ramble Chat user (Established 2020)
    • I work-from-home full-time with a toddler, so no books or podcasts at the moment
    • System of a Down and Tenacious D - but I'll listen to anything
    • I married my high school sweetheart - always gets some "ooohs & ahhhs" <3 

    Looking forward to seeing what Terminus has to offer! Meeting with my account manager & Taylor Young tomorrow. 

  • Don Owens Community Moderator

    Welcome Kristen!


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