In order to use this feature, you must be a Chat Experiences customer. Additionally, you must have the Terminus Chat Experiences script installed on your website to utilize this feature.

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Feature Overview

With Live View for Chat Experiences, Terminus users can get real-time insights into who is visiting their website, and initiate chat outreach with visitors proactively, rather than waiting for them to engage in a chat, or take a specific action on the website.

Powered by Terminus’s proprietary web tracking technology, Live View tracks visitors that are actively viewing your website, and will work to de-anonymize them by sharing useful information like their location, and the specific pages being viewed. If a visitor can be tied back to a known account, chat users can initiate highly personalized conversations based on the specific account they’re talking to, and their potential areas of interest.

Using Live View

Accessing the Live View Interface

To use Live View, log into the Chat Experiences interface, either directly, or using the in-platform App Switcher. From there, select the “Live View” icon in the side navigation bar.

Once you’re on the Live View page, you will see a list of all visitors that are currently on your website. Additional information about the visitors will be visible including:

  • How long they’ve been on the site (Time on Page)
  • What page they’re currently on (Current Page)
  • The visitor’s location, based on their identified IP address (Location)
  • How many total visits have been recorded for that visitor (Visits)
  • How many total chats that visitor has engaged in (Chats)

By default, the Live View table will show both known and anonymous visitors, but additional filters across the top can be used to show each segment of visitors separately. Clicking on the “Known Accounts” tab will show accounts that were identified by the Terminus system, while the “Anonymous” tab will show unidentified accounts.

If Terminus has previously captured a visitor’s name (via a Data Ask™, for example), it’s also possible that the visitor’s name will appear in the visitor details.


Initiating a Chat with a Live Visitor

Chat users can initiate outreach with visitors directly from the Live View page. Clicking the “Chat” button on the right side of the visitor row will bring up a Chat window, as well as a “Details” window with additional information about the visitor.

To get started, simply select the “Start Chat” button at the bottom of the chat window.


Use Cases for Live View

With Live View for Chat Experiences, Terminus customers can proactively engage visitors on their website, and tailor their outreach based on visitor behavior, and other known attributes. Here are a couple of use cases for Live View to get you started:

  • Using page context to personalize: Base your proactive chat off of the page or piece of content the visitor is looking at. "Hey there! Brent here (real human). Thanks for checking out Terminus. I noticed that you're checking out our pricing page. Did you have any questions or would you like to learn more?”
    • Note: Check out the “Visit Facts” section in the Info panel to see additional pages viewed during the visitor session

  • Leverage account name to personalize: If the account is identified, ALWAYS use their company name to personalize your message. "Hey Klowd! I noticed you're taking a look at our Field Guide to Intent Data. Would you like to discuss this further in detail?"

  • Help to identify the web visitor: Most companies have employees that live all over the US, Canada, or even International locations. This can work to your benefit. If the account is identified by Live View, you can see where they are viewing from. From there you look up that company on LinkedIn, go to the "People" section, type in location and select the location that showed on live view, then punch in your target audience (for example: "Marketing"), and this will give you a narrowed list of who might be visiting.

  • Seeing repeat website visitors: If you see a repeat visitor (using the “Visits” column), call it out! For example: "Hey Klowd! Noticed you couldn't stay away," or, "Thanks for coming back! Anything I can help you with today?”

  • Reaching out to anonymous/unidentified traffic: Unidentified traffic can also be useful if you know where a company is based. For example, if you use click or open notifications through a system like Outreach or Salesloft, you can match the location from the click notification with the Live View location information, and start a new chat with that visitor!


Are there any external notifications available to alert chat users when a new visitor is on the site?

  • Currently, Live View does not have external notifications for users. We recommend that Chat Experiences users have Live View open in their browser to see, in real time, who is on their website.


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