You will need to have access to the Terminus Chat feature in order to use this guide.  If you do not have access to Terminus Chat, please reach out to your CSM to discuss your packaging.


Data Forms give you the option to make multiple Data Asks™ of your visitors, collecting crucial information you should gather through the course of your conversations.

Creating a new Form

Navigate to the Data Asks™ page from the Admin menu, and select “New Data Form”.


  1. Define the form header, which will be shown to your visitors at the top of the Form.



  1. Select the Data Asks™ you want to include in the Form.  See this article for more information on Data Asks.  
  2. Label the Data Ask.  Labels are the specific questions which will be shown to the user on each Data Ask field.  

Note: you can opt to make any of the Data Asks a required response, which will prohibit a user from submitting their response until they have completed all required fields.

What your form looks like in the experience:


  1. As a best practice, name your form something you will recognize in order to use the Form in ChatBots and Workflows.  


  1. No need to hit “save” your Form is now ready for use.

Using a Form in your ChatBot

  1. Navigate to the ChatBots page from the Admin menu, and select “Manage” or “Create a New ChatBot”.

  1. To include a Form in your Answer Options, select the Bot and Play you would like to present the form in.  Click here for more information on creating ChatBots.

  1. Select “+ Add New Answer Option”

  1. Name the Answer Option and select the down arrow to collect more information.

  1. Select Add New Data Ask/Element.
  2. Select Ask Visitor
  3. Select the data form you have created.


On Demand Data Forms

Your reps have the option to call up Data Forms while chatting with visitors to consolidate their request for information and make the experience more user friendly.

  1. In the chat user experience, under the info panel, scroll down to see the Chat/Visitor Info section.
  2. Select Bullhorn (   ) logo and select the Form of your choice.  
  3. Once selected, the form will show in the chat.

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