You will need to have access to the Terminus Chat feature in order to use this guide.  If you do not have access to Terminus Chat, please reach out to your CSM to discuss your packaging. 


Feature Details

The Terminus Outreach integration allows you to:

  • Embed Chat from Anywhere into Outreach emails and leverage information from Outreach to personalize your conversation. 
  • Greet website visitors and target accounts using account and contact data in outreach.
  • Kick off an Outreach Sequence based on real time chat conversations happening in Terminus Chat. 
  • Automatically personalize dynamic email signatures in Outreach through the Terminus Email experiences. 

Setting up the integration

1. In the Terminus Administration panel, navigate to the integrations set up and select Setup on the Outreach integration. 



2.  Elect to Install the Terminus Chat package from the Outreach marketplace and enter your outreach code.


3. Once you have connected your Outreach account to Terminus, you can now start to configure the details of what you want to share and read from outreach from the Terminus Chat instance. 



4. Confirm your outreach settings in Terminus Chat.



Send Prospects to Outreach from Terminus

Reps can now send chats to outreach as either leads or contacts.  

1.  In the info panel in the rep chatting experience, you will now see the Outreach section. 



2.  When the user selects the contact icon image1.png they can search Outreach for prospect details. 



3.  If the prospect does not exist, they can create the prospect.



4. This prospect can now be included in Outreach sequences.  


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