One of the best ways to get valuable feedback from your chat visitors is by using a post-chat survey. Surveys are designed to allow visitors to quickly and easily give feedback in two ways:

  • A single-click numeric rating on a scale of 1 to 5
  • A text area input for providing detailed feedback

Surveys can be launched automatically when a chat is ended, or they can be sent by the rep manually through the chat info panel.

An automatic survey launch can be trigged based on several scenarios, including:

  • When the visitor ends the chat manually, via the close button.
  • The rep ends the chat.
  • A ChatBot path directs the visitor to end chat.
  • A routed chat is missed, and an invitation to leave a message option was chosen in the website chat configuration.


A few additional notes about the Survey feature in Chat Experiences:

  • Survey results are different than qualification ratings. Qualification ratings are values that your internal reps assign to a visitor to rate their viability, or quality score. Post-chat surveys are used by external visitors to provide feedback on their experience with the chat.


  • There are a few conditions where a Survey will not be presented to the user:  
    • If a visitor closes the browser window, there is no way for the engagement window to display a survey.
    • If the visitor never closes the chat, and instead minimizes the chat engagement window and never returns, the survey will not dire.


How to Create a Survey

A survey is a type of Data Ask™, and they will be configured in the Data Asks™ section of the Admin menu

1. From the Data Asks™ section, select New Data Ask.

2. In the Data Ask configuration screen, select a type of "Survey," and fill out the details you would like to present to your visitor, including the initial message, the message displayed after the survey has been answered or completed, and placeholder text (if displaying a free text response option). 

3. In the "Persistence" section, you will be asked to decide if you want the survey responses to be recorded at the chat or visitor level. By default, survey results are saved on a per chat basis, not to individual visitor (which is recommended). Selecting this option allows you to review each survey response on the chat individually. 

Using a Survey in a Chat Experience

Automated Surveys

The most common way to request a survey response from a visitor is to include it automatically at the conclusion of each chat. To add a survey to a website chat so that it automatically appears, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Link & Website Chat section of the Admin menu, and select the chat you want to include the survey on.

  1. In the "Ask For Data On End" section, select the survey you created  
  2. Use the "Tool Tip Message on End" option to prompt the visitor to complete the survey  
  3. Ensure that your "Chat Completion Action" is set to "Display Missed or End Messages in Chat" 

Once these settings are in place, when the visitor attempts to close the chat from the header menu, a tooltip will alert them to complete the survey before they leave.

Manual Surveys

You can also have your reps or chat users manually request a survey from a customer. This is done via the Data Asks section of the chat info panel.  

To send a survey manually, have your chat users follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to a specific chat, and open the Chat/Visitor info section.
  2. Select the megaphone icon next to this section, and select the option to request a survey response from the visitor.  


3. When the visitor responds, the rep can see how it displays in the chat, and the response will be recorded and saved in the info panel.

To review your survey performance, select the “Surveys” report view in Chat Analytics.


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