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Navigating to Terminus Products

Terminus users can access their Terminus products through the following website addresses below.  

Note: Any existing bookmarks using older website URL’s will still be supported during this transition, but we recommend updating your report links with the new address for the best experience.


Adding Terminus Services to Network Inclusion Lists

If you are experiencing network access issues while using an adblocker, VPN, firewall, or corporate network to access any of the products within Terminus, we recommend working with your IT/security teams to add the following URL patterns to your domain inclusion lists:


Additional Services for Cookie Inclusion Lists (e.g. Adblockers)

If you are experiencing service issues while using an adblocker or strict browser security settings to access any of the products within Terminus, we recommend adding the following URL patterns to your cookie domain inclusion lists:


Ensuring Terminus Product Email Deliverability

If you are experiencing Terminus product email deliverability issues (e.g. Terminus emails in your junk folder) caused by your IT department’s email server settings, we recommend adding the following to your inclusion lists:


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