Conversational Content Window for Chat Experiences


The conversational content engagement window allows Terminus Chat users to turn their web content into an interactive experience for their visitors. The engagement window can be designed to visually match your content, and can help drive more chat traffic and conversions on your site.

How to Configure the Content Window

The engagement window can be implemented across your site, or on select pages. To create a new conversational content experience, follow these steps:

  1. From the Administration menu of the Chat Experiences interface, navigate to "Links & Website Chat":

  1. Select the “Create New Website Chat” button at the top of the screen, and follow the setup steps provided in this guide.
      • In the "Website Chat Configuration" section of website chat setup, ensure that the “Drawer” option is set to enabled. This will force the chat panel to display across the entire height of the content window. You can also control which side of the screen the window opens by adjusting the position of the button.  
      • Note: If you’d like to modify the width of the content, you must adjust the settings in your Theme.

  1. Once you have confirmed your content window settings, you will need to add the website chat code to the specific page(s) you want to display the experience on. This code must be manually added to the pages you want to have the experience on. You can also use a logic statement in your website code to display this code snippet in lieu of a different experience when a page-level UTM variable is passed.

Once the code has been implemented, your conversational content chat experience will be live!

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