In an ongoing effort to give our customers more visibility into the performance of their advertising campaigns, we have introduced several in-app notifications in the Ads Experience platform. 

These notifications include:
  • An notification if new tactics have been set live (active) within the last 7 days


  • If you have tactics that are approaching your overall budget (less than $100 remaining)


  • And, when you have tactics that are scheduled to end within the next 7 days


These notifications are in-app only (within the Ads Experience platform), and available for Terminus display (IP, Retargeting, and standard Display) tactics. At this time, LinkedIn-integrated tactics are not included within these notifications.

Some additional notes about notifications:
  • Tactic notifications will be updated on a weekly cadence, and users will see the notifications upon logging into the Ad Experiences interface.
  • Should a user not log in during the course of that week, any notifications will expire after 7 days of inactivity in the platform. 
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