Quick Responses for Terminus Chat allow users to create shortcuts for commonly used phrases in order to improve chat efficiency for your reps, and help maintain a consistent brand “voice” across your chat responses.


How to Create a Quick Response

  1. To create a new quick response, start by navigating to the Administration menu.


  1. Select “Manage” on the Team you want to create quick responses for (only applicable if your account is provisioned to have multiple Teams). Note: You cannot share quick responses across teams, so if you manage multiple teams you will need to create the quick responses in each one.  
  2. Select Quick Responses from the menu options.

  1.  On the main view, you'll see a list of quick responses in your system. To create a new quick response, select “Create New Quick Response.”

  1. When you select "Create New Quick Response," a new line will appear at the end of your list.  Here, you can type in the quick response you would like to create and click “save.”

  1. In addition to creating the response, you can also create a shortcut your chat users can use to access the phrase quickly. 


Using Quick Responses in a Chat Conversation

  • To use a quick response, you will first need to join a chat conversation. Once you join the chat, you can use the shortcuts to pull up the quick responses.
  • Quick responses can be edited in the chat window by your users before they are sent.
  • When your users are happy with the text, they can hit “send.”


Feature Note

Quick responses are available in the Chat Experiences web application, and in our iPhone and Android apps. If you have a team that will be regularly using the apps for chatting, quick responses can make it a great experience.




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