How to Add Accounts to a Running Ad Tactic (CSV Upload)

Ad Experiences customers have the flexibility to make adjustments to their tactics even after the tactic is up-and-running.

One of these adjustments is adding additional accounts to your target list after the tactic has gone live. For customers that have launched a display tactic using our .CSV upload method, new accounts can be added to your audience via Tactic Settings.

Tactic Settings can be accessed via the pop-out window on the Tactic Details page. To edit your tactic settings, select the "Edit" button just above the Departments section. From here, you'll be redirected to the tactic setup interface.


Once you're in tactic setup, navigate to the second page by selecting "Save and Continue" in the bottom right corner. You'll then be directed to the Audience Selection page, where you can add additional accounts by either uploading a new .CSV file, or manually inputting new account information.

NOTE: Adding new accounts will not override or impact the audience list you are currently targeting.


Once your new accounts have been added, select "Save & Exit" in the bottom left corner of the screen. New accounts will then go through the data matching process, and should be set live in the tactic within 24 hours.




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