Overview of Terminus Engagement Hub Integrations

The Terminus Engagement Hub integrates with your CRM, marketing automation platform, and third-party sales and marketing tools to create precisely segmented audiences, automate campaigns and alerts, and measure it all across your entire funnel.

Below you'll find a summary of all major integration points, including:

CRM Integrations

Terminus integrates directly with the leading CRMs to automatically sync lists, campaigns, and accounts without having to upload a thing. Give your sales team a clear view into how your marketing campaigns have influenced accounts and opportunities, pull in opportunity data to correlate ROI to your campaign spend, and orchestrate stage-based multi-channel campaigns, automatically.

Salesforce (Platform Integrations)

Salesforce (Package Installs)

Microsoft Dynamics

List-Based CRM*

*A "list-based" integration for Data Studio is indicative of a configuration that is not Salesforce or Dynamics-based.

Marketing Automation Integrations

By seamlessly sending data between Terminus and your marketing automation platform, you can create timely and personalized campaigns. Measure the activity occurring from your email campaigns, content downloads, event registrations, and anything else you track in your MAP side-by-side with your Terminus campaigns at the account level.






Data Integrations

Terminus gives customers the broadest set of intent data available, allowing them to get their message in front of an interested account in an instant.

Bombora Intent

G2 Intent

Terminus Relationship Intelligence (Email Experiences)


Additional Channel Integrations

Terminus offers a number of additional integrations across our different experience channels to empower our customer to seamlessly execute multi-channel ABM programs.

Ad Experiences Integrations

Email Experiences Integrations

Chat Experiences Integrations

Web Experiences Integrations

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