Domain Exclusion from Analytics for Email Experiences


All Terminus customers have access to Email Experiences.


Feature Overview

Email Experiences users can now customize the domains you record analytics for, allowing you to find signals from analytics without added noise. Exclude your own company’s domain (or others) from showing up in campaign performance and only record engagements that matter most to you.



Feature Details

To exclude specific email domains from your Campaign Analytics, there are a few short steps to follow.  Once enabled, Terminus will immediately stop recording analytics from the designated email domains, so only the engagements you care about most will appear.



To exclude your own company’s engagements from your Email Experiences analytics:

  1.  Navigate to the Account Settings → Notifications tab.


  1. Scroll to the bottom of the page and check the box that says “Exclude your company’s domain(s) from analytics (”.  This will exclude internal employees’ engagements from being recorded for external Campaigns. 
    • Note: This will NOT impact Internal Campaigns and will remain unaffected.


  1. Click “Save Blocklist”


Best Practices

Once this feature is enabled, analytics will not be recorded for the designated domains.  This functionality can be turned off at a later date, if needed, but it will not bring back the excluded analytics.



When will my changes to the Blocklist take effect?

  • The changes will begin immediately, but are not retroactive.
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