How to Launch 1:1 Display Advertising Tactics with Terminus


One-to-one (1:1), or hyper-targeted ads, are bespoke ad sets that are tailored to an individual account, and personalized to match their use unique case, pain points, market, etc.


Account-specific targeting is one of the most effective strategies for display advertising, but can also be the most time consuming. For this reason, creation of 1:1 tactics is typically reserved for high value, strategic accounts. 

Through the Terminus Engagement Hub, you can quickly deploy 1:1 advertising tactics to get in front of your top tier account(s) at the right time, with the right message.

How to Create 1:1 Tactics with Terminus 

Below is a recommended list of steps and best practices you can follow to launch 1:1 advertising tactics through the Ad Experiences interface. 

  1. Identify your list of 1:1 account(s) during a collaborative Marketing and Sales meeting. This could be anywhere from 1-50 total accounts, depending on the bandwidth of your teams. 
  1. Create your personalized ads. Most commonly, 1:1 ads will include the company name in the ad copy. We do not recommend using the company logo in your ad design. For additional design tips and specifications, check out these resources: 

Ad Creative Best Practices Guide
Display Advertising Guidelines & Specifications 

  1. Decide on your Campaign and Tactic naming conventions.
  • In Terminus, a campaign is a group of one or more tactics that share a common identifying factor or goal. A tactic is what allows you to define your unique advertising audience, delivers your creative set(s) to that audience, and allows you to set specific budgets for ad serving, etc.
  • Example: In the Ad Experiences interface, create a ‘1:1 Strategic Accounts’ Campaign, and each 1:1 tactic under the campaign will include the targeted account name: 

1:1 Strategic Accounts (Campaign)
Apple (tactic)
Amazon (tactic)
Netflix (tactic)
Google (tactic)

  1. Create your initial campaign and tactic in Terminus Ad Experiences, following these steps. Note: Each tactic should only include one (1) account, as that account will be served your personalized ad set. There are several audience source options you can leverage to select your desired account.

  • Data Studio: Create a list in Data Studio, and add your desired account to the list. Select the Data Studio (formerly known as the Account Hub), audience source option in Ad Experiences, and select your account list. 

  • CSV Upload: Select CSV as your audience source option, and use the Manual Input method. You will be required to give both an Account Name and an Account Domain.
    • NOTE: If you use the CSV upload option, account engagement data (including advertising engagement) cannot be pushed back into Data Studio, or (in most cases) back to Sales Intelligence features, like Sales Insights and Account Insights

  1. Once your initial campaign and tactic have been launched, you can add additional 1:1 tactics to your campaign by selecting “Add to Existing Campaign” in the tactic builder. 


Additional Resources:

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