With Email Experiences' various campaign types and scheduling capabilities, it can be difficult to understand which campaign banners will be served, especially when you have a scheduled content calendar or advanced ABM strategy.


Email Experiences gives customers the ability to set start and stop dates for time sensitive campaigns. The functionality is useful when implementing a long term campaign strategy or for Email Experiences admins who are looking for a hands off approach. The campaign scheduling feature is accessible when creating or modifying a campaign.

A scheduled campaign will always take precedence over an unscheduled campaign, even if the unscheduled campaign is created at a later date.


Email Experiences' Target functionality gives customers the ability to target specific accounts or individual email recipients with content tailored to each audience. Companies who take an ABM approach see increased campaign engagement and higher conversion rates. If a specific recipient contact or account domain is assigned to multiple campaigns, the campaign that has the nearest end date will take priority. There are a couple factors in play, if a recipient is on multiple lists and assigned to multiple ABM campaigns.

Creation Date

If all other attributes (scheduled dates, assigned recipients, assigned groups) are the exact same, the newest created campaign will take priority. If involved, scheduling will win out over creation date.

Email Experiences Verify

Email Experiences Verify is a feature that gives customers confidence in the timing and personalization of their Email Experiences banners to ensure ongoing success. You are able to confirm priority and what campaign will display given certain inputs.

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