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Terminus gives end-users the ability to edit personal information through the Employee Preference Center. Depending on which employee fields your Email Experiences admin has unlocked, end-users can update signature data in a matter of minutes. Afterward, download employee information straight from Email Experiences to ensure your employee records are up-to-date.


Email Experiences Admin Instructions

Follow the steps below to give end-users access to the Employee Preference Center.

Step 1

Navigate to the Employees tab and select the users you want to invite.



Step 2

Click on the Send Invites drop-down menu and select Update Information. The invite will trigger an email to be sent to each selected end-user.



Step 3

After the invites have been sent, track which users have updated their information via the Employees page. If you are using Email Experiences' Google Apps Integration, make sure Auto-Sync is turned on.


Email Experiences Non-Admin Instructions

Step 1

Open the email invitation from your Email Experiences admin and click on the Get Started button. Note that the email will tell you if there is missing signature data.



Step 2

Fill in your personal information in the unlocked fields and update your notification preferences if needed.



Step 3

Click Submit Changes to finish out the process. Close and reopen your email application to ensure the changes you’ve made are reflected in your email settings.



Step 4

If you need to make any additional changes at a later date, simply navigate to app.sigstr.com and sign in using your credentials.


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