All Terminus customers have access to Email Experiences as well as Outreach.


Feature Overview

Enhance your marketing efforts within Outreach by appending an Email Experiences signature and campaign to every Outreach email communication. Never lose sleep over the thought of your sales team sharing stale or irrelevant content again.



Feature Details

Experience the full power of Outreach with consistent branding and marketing in your Email Experiences signatures. 

ABM Targeting in Sequences

  • You can now leverage Targeted banner ads when using Outreach Sequences so prospects are surrounded by highly relevant content
  • See which accounts and contacts are engaging with your banner ads

Full Signature Support

  • Automatically leverage your Email Experiences signature without any user intervention
  • Your email signature will refresh every day to stay up to date with changes made by Marketing


In Outreach - Sequences and Emails

Sigstr’s API integration with Outreach automatically pushes Email Experiences campaign banners into Outreach Signatures - no need to copy/paste or route mail! Email Experiences will replace Outreach signatures when the integration is initially turned on, and will repeat this every 24 hours from the time the integration was activated. Campaign banner ads in Outreach will update in real-time, if they are changed from the Email Experiences App. There must be an Employee in Email Experiences with an email address that matches the User or Mailbox in Outreach, in order for a campaign banner to be appended.

NOTE: The Outreach integration must be connected by an Outreach admin.

To enable the integration:

  1. Log into Sigstr as an Admin user.
  2. Use the lower-left menu to navigate to Account Settings > Integrations.
  3. Click on CRMs, and then click on Outreach to expand the integration controls.


  1. Click the “Connect” button to start the OAuth to Outreach.
  2. In the Outreach app that opens, Sign as an Outreach Admin if you are not already signed in as one.
  3. Authorize the Sigstr <> Outreach integration by clicking “Authorize” to accept the permissions requested.


Note: this does not give Sigstr access to read any actual emails inside Outreach or your employee's inboxes.

  1. After authorizing, you’ll be taken back into the Sigstr Integration Settings to see that the Outreach integration is connected. 
  2. At any time, you may use the “Disconnect” link on this page to stop the updating of Sigstr campaign banners in Outreach. Disconnecting will not remove campaign banners that may already be installed to Outreach signatures.



In Gmail - the "Outreach Everywhere" Extension

Is your team hoping to use Outreach Everywhere in combination with Sigstr's Chrome Extension? No problem! The extensions are fully compatible. As long as you've launched Sigstr Signatures through the G Suite integration, you will be able to send targeted campaign banners via Outreach Everywhere.


Best Practices

  • Be sure that your email signatures are finalized before initiating the connection with Outreach.  Signatures will be immediately pushed once the connection is made.



How often will signatures be updated in Outreach?

  • Signatures are updated every 24 hours, however, the banner ads will change in near-real time as the banners are updated from the Terminus App.


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