Email Experiences campaigns provide the opportunity to promote your latest marketing initiatives during thousands of individual email interactions with your most important prospects and customers. That means that every single employee using Email Experiences is a brand advocate and promoter of your company’s most important marketing initiatives. Follow the instructions below to create an Email Experiences Campaign.

Step 1

In the Campaign section of the Email Experiences application, select Create Campaign.



Step 2

In the pop-up window, select the type of campaign you want to create – Sender Based, Targeted, Internal, A/B Test, Alternate, Shuffle, or Default. Sender Based campaigns are aligned to the individuals sending the emails (organized via Groups) while Targeted and Internal campaigns are aligned to specific email recipients. 


Step 3

This step will vary based on which campaign type you chose.  You will either pick the Employee Group(s) to assign the campaign to, or select list(s) of contacts/domains you with to target with the campaign.  These lists can be uploaded CSVs or come from your Marketing Automation Platform (Marketo, HubSpot, Salesforce, Eloqua, etc).


Step 4

In this window:

  • Choose one or more PNG or GIF files to upload as your campaign image. With Email Signatures 'Multi-Banner Campaign functionality, you can upload several images that will rotate automatically.

  • Create an Alt-Text phrase that will show in the event a campaign image cannot be displayed.

  • Assign the campaign to the appropriate Groups (if Sender-Based) or the appropriate audience lists (if ABM).

  • Add the desired URL (or leverage one of Email Signatures' landing page integrations).

  • Customize the UTM parameters if you don't want to use Email Signatures' standard tracking parameters.


Step 5

Review your campaign before activating it.  This is the step where you can schedule the campaign's start and end date, or whether you want the campaign to activate immediately.  Once you have reviewed that the campaign details look correct, you can "Activate" it and the campaign will automatically update in all active employee signatures.  



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