Terminus Email Experiences opens up a new internal communication channel by allowing you to serve targeted campaign banners to your employees. The ability to tailor marketing content to specific viewers guarantees Sigstr campaigns resonate with a diverse set of email recipients.

How It Works

The distinction between internal and external content is governed by rule based campaign serving. Sigstr assumes that email recipients who share your company’s domain (@yourcompany.com) should receive internal campaigns and those who do not should receive external campaigns (i.e. Sender-Based or ABM Campaigns). You have the ability to specify additional “internal” domains if needed.

Coupled with Sigstr’s group functionality, internal campaigns give you unprecedented control over internal communication. Through the application, each Sigstr Group (i.e. Marketing, Sales, or HR) can display a specialized internal campaign.

Creating Internal Campaigns

To set-up internal campaigns in Sigstr, follow the steps highlighted below.


Step 1

Navigate to the Email Experiences Campaign Page and select Create Campaign.


Step 2

In the pop-up window, name your campaign and select Internal Campaign as the campaign type.


Step 3

In the campaign creation window:

  • Assign Groups: Select the internal group or group(s) you want to target, and then select "Next"


  • Add Banner Ads:
    • Choose one or more PNG or GIF files to upload as your campaign image. With Sigstr's Multi-Banner Campaign functionality, you can upload several images that will rotate automatically.
    • Create an Alt-Text phrase that will show in the event a campaign image cannot be displayed
    • Add the desired URL (or leverage one of Sigstr's landing page integrations)
    • Customize the UTM parameters if you don't want to use Sigstr's standard tracking mechanisms


  • Review:
    • Specify the start and stop date if the campaign is time-sensitive
    • Select "Activate" when ready


Step 4

After your campaign has been created, it will appear in the internal campaign list. Toggle between internal and external campaigns in the upper right-hand corner.


Step 5

View the campaigns associated with each group via the Employees tab. Campaigns can be designated in this location as well. Each group can have no more than one internal campaign and one external campaign at a given time. 


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