Internal Communication Template: Employee Upgrade Email (Chrome Extension)

Employee Communication Template

When making changes to your Terminus Email Experiences implementation, you can use the following template to communicate expectations with your employees.

"Hi everyone,

I have good news! After some initial success, we have decided to take our employee email marketing efforts to the next level.

As most of you know, we leverage a tool called Sigstr to centrally control employee email signatures. This month, we will be launching advanced functionality that will allow us to target specific accounts, industries, and regions with personalized campaign content. We will also gain visibility into who is engaging with our email campaigns and how often.

But we need your help!

As soon as you can, please install Sigstr's Chrome Extension <link to Chrome ext download>. Once installed, you will be able to serve targeted, 1:1 promotions in each email you send and you will gain visibility into which email recipients are clicking your campaigns.

Thank you so much for helping out! If you require any assistance, feel free to reach out to" 

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