Install your Email Experiences signature to Airmail:


Step 1

When your company is ready to launch Email Experiences, you will receive a welcome email with the option to get started. Click on the Get Started Button.



Step 2

Change your password.



Step 3

Navigate to Airmail from the install option list. Copy the Airmail signature coding.



Step 4

After you’ve copied the signature, open the Airmail application.


Step 5

Open Preferences from the menu bar.


Step 6

Choose Accounts from the menu.


Step 7

Select the Signature tab.


Step 8

Delete the current signature and paste the Email Experiences content that you copied into the signature field on the right by pressing Command + V. Please use the keyboard shortcut, instead of right-clicking, to paste the image correctly. Save your changes to complete the process.


Step 9

If you want to install your email signature to other email clients or mobile email applications, sign back into Email Experiences and select the appropriate tab.

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