How to Set Up Installation Reminders for Email Experiences

If you are relying on end users to manually install Email Experiences signatures to their native email environments, it may be required to send installation reminders after your initial launch. Follow the steps below.

Automated Reminders

The recommended method for Email Experiences customers is to set up recurring installation reminders to all employees who have yet to install their Email Experiences signatures. The reminders will be sent automatically based on your selected frequency until each user has successfully installed his or her signature.

Step 1

Navigate to your Account Settings, and go to Notifications.


Step 2

Select your preferences and toggle the reminder notification to the ON position.


Manual Reminders

To remind users to install on a one time basis, follow the steps below.

Step 1

Navigate to the Employees section and filter by Status: Inactive.


Step 2

With the filter apply, select all inactive users.


Step 3

Use the dropdown menu to select the Install Email Experiences reminder.





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