What are Terminus's SLAs for launching new advertising tactics?

Terminus is committed to launching tactics in a timely manner to meet the rapid pace of your business needs. While 95% of all tactics are launched within a 24-hour timeframe, official SLA timeframes are listed below. The standard tactic submission process accounts for a rigorous QA check, in which our proprietary B2B Graph technology is used to analyze and enrich account data to ensure the accuracy of the data, and allow for any custom configurations to be applied. 

If for any reason you have an urgent business need, and want to ensure your tactic is launched within a specified timeframe, please send a request to support@terminus.com.

Expected tactic launch time frames are as follows:


Most common ad hoc requests include:


Tactic Launch Delays

In the event your tactic(s) requires further action, or is at risk of not meeting the SLA, our dedicated customer support team will notify you ahead of time.

Reasons for tactic launch delays often include:

  • Tactics submitted without a valid audience or inaccurate company names/URLs
  • Tactics submitted without ad creatives
  • Creatives that have been disapproved from our Supply Vendors, and require modifications
  • Custom configurations such as Title Targeting where modifications may require customer approval

For any additional questions please contact your Client Strategy Manager or your Digital Media Manager.


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