This feature is available to all Terminus Engagement Hub customers.

NOTE: Your ability to access different areas of the Terminus Engagement Hub via the App Switcher may vary, based on your subscription plan.

Feature Overview

The Terminus Engagement Hub gives marketing and sales teams all the data they need to understand who their next best customers are, all the engagement channels they need to get in front of them, and customizable reporting and attribution to prove their impact.

To make the navigation process between Terminus Data Studio, Measurement Studio, and our Engagement Channels seamless, we’ve introduced the App Switcher. 


While we are actively working towards it, the App Switcher does not currently include a Single Sign-On option for the Terminus Engagement Hub. This means that you will be asked to initially log into your instances ofData Studio, Measurement Studio, and your respective Engagement Channels in order to switch between interfaces during your session.

Terminus Engagement Hub Overview

By default, all Terminus Engagement Hub users will see the following options in the App Switcher:


As mentioned in the Prerequisites section, your access to certain features and engagement channels may vary, based on your Terminus subscription. 

Here is a quick overview of each of these areas of the platform:

Terminus Data Studio

Data Studio is where Terminus customers will go to identify and create your target account segments, or lists.

Within Data Studio, users can access first and third party data streams, like account firmographics, opportunity data, Bombora intent data, and Terminus Relationship Intelligence. Information from Data Studio also powers features like our Account Discovery report.

Data Studio is also where users can configure platform settings like lead-to-account mapping, and custom account engagement scoring for ABM Scorecard.

Terminus Measurement Studio

The Terminus Measurement Studio has everything you need to measure the performance of your account-based programs, and marketing’s contribution to revenue. From executive-level revenue reporting to deep channel and campaign analysis, Measurement Studio helps you measure and improve everything.

Measurement Studio offers configurable reports, like ABM Scorecard and Dashboards, as well as out-of-the-box reports that feature extensive filtering capabilities to make sure you’re getting the most complete snapshot of marketing’s impact.

In the App Switcher, the Measurement Studio link will take you directly to the ABM Scorecard page. However, users can easily navigate to the rest of their Measurement Studio reports via the main menu. 

Terminus Engagement Channels

The Terminus Engagement Hub makes it possible to launch “surround sound” marketing campaigns through multiple engagement channels, including display advertising, email signature marketing, and personalized chat and web experiences.

Within the Terminus Ad Experiences interface, users can run highly targeted digital campaigns based on industry, opportunity stage, intent signals, persona, and more, and leverage digital targeting methods that align best with their goals, and their unique audiences. Ad Experiences also offers a comprehensive set of advertising-focused reports to track campaign performance, website engagement and lift, and view-through activity.

Terminus’s Email Experiences feature ads that are targeted based on the recipient’s email address, meaning you’ll have 100% targeting accuracy. With Terminus, you can easily align Email Experiences with your advertising segments to ensure a consistent cross-channel experience, or choose any other targeting method to run dozens of campaigns at once. 

Terminus Chat Experiences uses the data in Terminus and your CRM to connect your website visitors with the most appropriate person for that conversation.

Finally, with Web Experiences, Terminus customers greet every visitor on their website with a tailored content experience. Just like you deliver targeted ads to your segments, web personalization brings the same precision-targeted messages to your website.

Terminus Platform

Selecting the "Platform" link will take you to the main platform landing page. Here you can also access different Terminus products, as well as our support knowledge base and e-learning platform, Terminus Academy.




To learn more about any of the features discussed in this article, be sure to connect with your Terminus Client Strategy or Account Manager. 


How long can I work inside the Terminus platform before I’m asked to log in again?  

Currently, Data Studio and Ad Experiences have a session duration of 12 hours. After ten hours of inactivity, your session will timeout, and you will be asked to log into the respective interfaces again.

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