Feature Overview 

The Tags & Data Elements section of the Chat interface allows administrators and users to apply customized tags in order to highlight details about a chat, or categorize a chat. Users can create tags based on information collected during the chat, or they can use the 1st and 3rd party information connected to that user.  


For more information on Data Elements & Data Asks™, and how information from chats is collected and used, check out this article.  

Creating & Using Tags

Creating a New Tag 

Tags will be visible to users in Chat Views. Users can select a tag as they are engaging in a chat, or system administrators can program the tags to appear automatically via the ChatBot configuration screen.   

Commonly used tags include:

  • Priority
  • Account Tier
  • Hot Lead
  • Lead Qualification (Ex: Marketing Qualified Lead or a Sales Qualified Lead)
  • Inbound Team vs. Sales Team  
  • Industry
  • Product Line Interest

To add a new tag, select the “+ Add New Tag” link on the Tags & Data Elements page in the Admin menu:

  1. First, you’ll name your tag, and select a color that will show in the user interface.  
  2. Once your name and color are selected, hit Save to create it.


Using Configured Tags  

  1. To “tag” a conversation from the chat panel in the user interface, select the “add tag” button and choose the appropriate tag from the list. 

  1. For an administrator to automatically assign a tag during a bot conversation, you will need to go to the ChatBot management screen and select the existing bot you want to add the tag to, or create a new bot.   

  1. Once you’re in the ChatBot configuration interface, select the answer that you want to add a tag to via the drop down arrow 

  1.  This will reveal the “Apply Tag(s)” option, where you can select the appropriate tag

4. Users can also create filters based on the tags applied to their chats. In the chat user view, select the “+Add Filter link to select the tags you want to limit your view to.  


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