Depending on your feature access, you may receive several weekly emails from the Terminus platform. Here is a quick summary of the available email notifications that come from Terminus, when they're delivered, and what they contain.

Weekly ABM Report

Delivery Day: Monday mornings
Delivery Frequency: Weekly
Sent to: All Ad Experiences users on the account


A custom Terminus Weekly ABM Report is sent to all Terminus Ad Experiences users every Monday to provide an overview of how Terminus campaigns are impacting target accounts. It highlights the your visiting accounts from the previous week, aggregates weekly ABM results across all tactics, provides updates on the overall results of each campaign, and alerts you to tactics with status changes.

The data in this email is generated from the previous week's performance, Saturday to Friday. To manage which people receive the Weekly Terminus ABM Report, reach out to your CSM or We can add as many users as you’d like to the distribution; they'll just need to be added as users in your Terminus advertising advertising instance. 

Sales Alert Email

Delivery Day: Wednesday mornings
Delivery Frequency: Weekly
Sent to: All associated Account Owners


Terminus’s sales alert emails are weekly notifications designed for both sales development reps, account executives, and customer success reps. The report surfaces reps’ owned accounts that are showing the strongest in-market behavioral signals powered by Terminus’ native AI and Bombora intent data. Sales alert emails are a great way to bring each rep’s most leaned-in accounts and contacts to the top of their inbox each week.

Sales alert emails will be sent out weekly on Wednesday mornings to the associated Account Owner (SDR, AE, CSM, etc.). Customers can either provide a list of recipients’ email addresses or user role values (for CRM-integrated Data Studio customers) to get this email configured for their account.

Engagement Spike Email

Delivery Day: Saturday mornings
Delivery Frequency: Weekly
Sent to: All Ad Experiences users on the account


After you create an Engagement Model in Ad Experiences, a new Engagement Spike report will generate each week on Saturdays, when there is new spike data available. All users in your Ad Experiences account will receive an email notification that a new report is available on Saturday mornings. The data included in your Engagement Spike reports will reflect engagement captured from Saturday to Friday of the prior week. The report itself can be downloaded on from Engagement Spike tab in the Ad Experiences interface.


Account Discovery Report

Delivery Day: Mondays
Delivery Frequency: Weekly
Sent to: Designated recipients (must have at least one point of contact)


The Account Discovery report is a custom reporting feature that provides a weekly breakout of new companies that are have visited your website, but may not be in your CRM. The report is appended with firmographics and Terminus engagement data, and accounts are scored against components of your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) criteria (part of the initial configuration process for the report), so you can choose which accounts to add to your marketing engagement or sales efforts. The report itself will be delivered via email in .CSV format every Monday. The report will be delivered to at least one point of contact at your account, as designated during the setup process.

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