The Terminus Custom Domain solution is a deliverability feature that allows customers to rebrand Email Experiences campaign URLs. Take a proactive approach against filtering and maintain domain consistency when leveraging Email Experiences in your organization.


Feature Overview

The Terminus Custom Domain solution provides an opportunity for your organization to create a subdomain ( and delegate that subdomain to your Email Experiences account. When this occurs, your company branded subdomain effectively replaces the Terminus domain ( that is provided with your account license. This ensures that the domain of the link(s) inside an email signature matches the sender’s email domain.



The following must occur to activate a custom domain for your account:

  • Your organization needs to create a subdomain. We recommend
  • The subdomain CNAME DNS rule then needs to be directed to your Email Experiences account subdomain (all accounts are put on a subdomain: If you need assistance confirming your Email Experiences subdomain, please contact your Customer Success Manager.
  • Once delegated, send your newly created subdomain to your Customer Success Manager. He/She will enable it within the application.

Once enabled, the subdomain will be listed in the Custom Domain section of the Integrations Tab.


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