Deliverability is a core tenant to the Email Experiences value proposition. While the Email Experiences application does not in itself warrant a reason for concern, our team takes a proactive approach to ensure no issues arise. Whenever an image or link is included in an email message, whether generated from Terminus or elsewhere, it slightly increases the chance of the message being filtered. To counteract this risk, we have strategic relationships with deliverability partners and offer a variety of product features that can be utilized to minimize vulnerability.


Custom Domain

The Terminus Custom Domain solution provides an opportunity for your organization to create a subdomain and delegate that subdomain to your Email Experiences account. When this occurs, your company branded subdomain effectively replaces the Terminus domain that is provided with your account license. This ensures that the domain of the link(s) inside an email signature matches the sender’s email domain.

Once created, the Custom Domain is listed in a section of the Integrations Tab.



Email Authentication Compatibility

All of our solutions are fully compatible with the best-practice SPF and DKIM email authentication schemes.


Zero Attachments

The campaign and signature images generated by Terminus are never attached or embedded into emails. Terminus simply appends HTML anchor and image tags to the user signature. Both the anchor href and image src attributes then resolve to the Email Experiences web service. Doing this prevents images from being stripped out or flagged by spam systems, and keeps email file-size low


Strategic Partnerships

Terminus partners with a variety of deliverability and security experts, including InboxPros, that will assist if necessary. We are also proud to call ReturnPath and 250ok customers, two of the leading deliverability organizations in the market. If you ever learn that Email Experiences is affecting deliverability or security, please let us now immediately and we will work diligently to resolve any issues.

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