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Release Overview
New Features (Terminus Hub Customers)
Feature Updates (Brightfunnel* Customers)


Release Overview

At its core, ABM is about giving meaningful experiences to your current and future customers. Terminus has already led the ABM charge in identifying and engaging high fit accounts, but now we are expanding the platform in an exciting new way. The 2020 Terminus May Release will introduce attribution into our already robust measurement suite. 

Revenue Attribution will allow revenue teams to use campaign data to better understand what is working across all of your marketing and sales channels. Users will be able to utilize a variety of frameworks to answer important questions like:

  • Which channels drive pipeline generation?
  • What pieces of content support pipeline acceleration?
  • And so much more!

Customers will now have the ability to use data to inform their decision making across their entire ABM strategy. For any team strapped on budget or trying to understand which channels to invest their energy into, Terminus can help you see what is actually moving the needle and execute accordingly.

Check out the full blog post from the Terminus Product Marketing team here:

New Features (Terminus Hub Customers)

As part of this release, we’ve added some advanced reporting options to our analytics suite. These options include:

The Campaign Trends Report
 (+ dashboard tile)

 The Attribution by Campaign Trend Report


New revenue attribution-focused columns in Campaign Analytics 


These options will be part of an add-on package for Terminus Hub customers. Reach out to your Terminus Client Strategy Manager to learn more!

We’ve also added two new “Marketing Influence” filters to the Opportunity Insights report, and made some enhancements to the “Cohort” filter options:


Features Updates (Brightfunnel* Customers)

For Brightfunnel customers that have access to the reports mentioned above, we’ve made some exciting updates to enhance your current functionality, and to expand on reporting use-cases. The reports affected with this release include: 

*Brightfunnel was acquired by Terminus in 2017. The features discussed in this section are specific to functionality that Brightfunnel customers have maintained access to, but are not considered to be part of the standard Terminus offering.

Marketing Influence: What’s New

In the Marketing Influence report, we’ve replaced the “Attribution Model” filter with “Influence Type,” allowing you to quickly understand campaign influence before or after opportunities are created. 

New filter - “Influence Type”

  • Any Influence
    • Show all responses from leads and contacts associated to an account, that happened either pre- or post-opportunity creation.
  • Pre-Opportunity Influence
    • Show responses from leads and contacts associated with an account that happened before an opportunity was created.
  • Post-Opportunity Influence
    • Show responses from leads and contacts associated with an account that happened after an opportunity was created.

Campaign Analytics: What’s New 

In the Campaign Analytics report, we’ve added a new “Influence Type” filter, enabling you to specify when campaign responses occur throughout the marketing lifecycle and analyze your data with more precision. All of your current reports will be accessible, in addition to the new views enabled by the “Influence Type” filter. 

Changes in current experience:


New capabilities enabled by “Influence Type” filters:


Feature enhancement details: 

  • New filter - “Influence Type” (same functionality as in the Marketing Influence report)
    • Any Influence
      • Multi-touch
  • Pre-Opportunity Influence
    • First Touch
    • Last Touch
    • Multi-touch
  • Post-Opportunity Influence
    • Multi-touch

Opportunity Insights: What’s New

In the Opportunity Insights report, we’ve decoupled the “In Cohort” preset reporting options and replaced them with 3 filters to enable more granular opportunity report views. Two additional options have also been added to the “Marketing Influence” filter, allowing you to identify opportunities that had campaigns before or after opportunity creation. All of your current reports will be accessible, in addition to the new views enabled by the report filters.


Changes in Current Experience


New capabilities enabled by new filter experience


Feature enhancement details:


Campaign Trends: What’s New

In the Campaign Trends report, we’ve added two new metrics: “Influenced Pipeline” and “Influenced Revenue.”  Additionally, we’ve also refreshed the design of the Campaign Trends dashboard widget. 



New fields available:


If you have any questions regarding these changes and enhancements, please reach out to your Client Strategy Manager.


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