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Backed by a powerful integration with G Suite, the Email Experiences implementation process is simple and efficient. The integration has two functions. It allows customers to import basic user information to Email Experiences straight from G Suite and removes the need for employees to install the signature individually.



Step 1

Before logging into Email Experiences, make sure API access is enabled in your G Suite settings. API access allows you to perform actions on Google Groups, organizational units, user accounts, and user security settings.


Step 2

Once in the Email Experiences application, navigate to your Account Settings.



Step 3

Within settings, go to the Integrations section.



Step 4

In the Integrations window, navigate to the G Suite section and select Configure. 



Step 5

The next window allows you to choose which processes you are interested in.



Step 6

After making your selections, click Integrate with Google. Please note that you must use the credentials of a Super Admin. Google Admin credentials are not stored in the Email Experiences system and Terminus never receives direct access to a customer’s G Suite primary account.



Step 7

After enabling the integration, you will be taken back to the Email Experiences Integrations page where you will have the option to Configure Import and/or Sync User Signatures. If you are an email Experiences Relationships customer, you will have access to relationship-based intent data.


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