The Diagnostics section of the Tactic Details page will display any accounts with an “unmatched” status in the tactic. In Terminus, a "matched" status indicates that our ad delivery system should be able to target an account based on data availability.


An account may be “unmatched” for several reasons, including:

  • Data hygiene; the Account Name and/or Domain provided to Terminus is inaccurate. This could include misspellings, or a mismatch between Account Name and Domain. 
  • Incomplete account information; only the Account Name or the Domain were given, and there is not enough information to accurately match targeting data to the account.
  • Targeting selections; The departments and/or seniority targeting options you selected may be limiting our ability to target a particular account, but the “Expand to Whole Company” option was not selected during tactic setup.
  • Data availability; there may not be sufficient data available in our ad delivery system to target the Account Name/Domain given. This is typically seen in smaller companies (e.g: less than 50 employees), companies that were recently acquired, companies that are newly-founded, etc. 

When reviewing this information, here are some actions to consider:

  1. Verify that the data you provided is accurate. 
  2. If the data provided looks to be incorrect, update it in your database/list source for future use. 
    • If the number of unmatched accounts with incorrect data is significant in comparison to your total list size (for example, 20% or greater), your Onboarding Specialist or CSM may recommend that you resubmit your tactic once your account data has been corrected (either in your connected CRM, or CSV list). 
    • If the number of unmatched accounts is relatively small in comparison to your total list size, further action for this tactic may not be necessary (i.e., you may choose not to resubmit the tactic at this time). 
  3. If the data provided looks to be correct:
    • It is possible that ad targeting data may not be currently available for the account provided. 
    • If you have a large number of unmatched accounts with correct data, and you would expect there to be sufficient targeting data for those accounts (i.e., they do not fall under the "Data Availability" category mentioned above), your account targeting selections may be limiting our ability to reach them. We would recommend turning on the “Expand to Whole Company” option found in Tactic Settings, and/or expanding your department/seniority targeting selections to add more functions.

For further information on how to address unmatched accounts, please reach out to your Terminus Onboarding Specialist or Client Strategy Manager, or email us at

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