• The information in this article pertains to Terminus Data Studio customers that also have a registered instance of Pardot.

  • For more information on the Standard (default) fields available in Pardot and Salesforce, please reference this article.

NOTE: The information in this article is specific to supplementing your Terminus Data Studio instance with Pardot data. For more information on how to surface Terminus data inside of Pardot, check out this article.

Integration Overview 

Most information in Terminus Data Studio will be pulled from your connected CRM. However, there may be some pertinent marketing data that is not pushed from Pardot to your CRM today. In order to capture the full picture of your Marketing team’s efforts, Terminus’s Pardot integration was created to make sure all relevant data is accounted for in your Terminus reporting.

While your CRM will be the primary data source for Data Studio, the Pardot integration was built to supplement your Terminus instance with additional Marketing Activity data.

What is Terminus Data Studio?

The Terminus Engagement Hub is designed to enable everyone in marketing, sales, and leadership to address the challenges facing ABM teams today. Within the platform, users can identify and prioritize target accounts, engage the buying committee with multichannel programs, send actionable insights to sales, measure results, and report on success to their entire organization.

Data Studio is your central account intelligence data platform. It automatically ingests account-level firmographic and behavioral intelligence to give you a 360-degree view of all of your accounts. From there, you can easily build actionable target account lists, identify gaps in marketing or sales coverage, and prioritize your ABM efforts across marketing and sales. 

Integration Details

Terminus’s Marketing Automation Systems integrations are designed to supplement data gaps in your CRM with Campaign, Campaign Response, and Lead/Contact Data. These integrations are not designed to ingest Account, Anonymous Visitor data. 

Pardot-integrated customers are not able to leverage the following configuration options in Data Studio: 

  • Self-serve Validity Rules and Global Filters on Pardot Data
  • Self-serve / Custom Fields on Standard Pardot objects (configured by the Terminus Professional Services team)
  • Self-serve Campaign Type mapping on Pardot Data
  • Sandbox Testing

Connection Method

Terminus links to your Pardot instance via OAuth protocol (OAuth 2.0 information).

OAuth can be completed via this link: 

APIs Leveraged 

Terminus will connect to the client’s Pardot instance via Oauth to create a read-only API connection (via REST API).

Data Accessed

Terminus will pull the following data from Pardot and merge it with the customer’s CRM data to drive reports in Measurement Studio:

  • Prospect
  • Campaign
  • Visitor Activity

The following information is not accessed/applicable for this integration:

  • Custom Field
  • Dynamic Content
  • Email
  • Email Clicks
  • Form
  • Identified Company
  • Lifecycle History
  • Lifecycle Stage
  • List
  • List Membership
  • Opportunity
  • Profile
  • Profile Criteria
  • Prospect Account
  • Tag
  • Tag Object
  • User
  • Visit
  • Visitor
  • Visitor Page View
  • Visitor Referrer




How frequently does Terminus pull data from Pardot?

  • All of the data objects/entities are pulled once per 24 hours. 

Why is the Pardot integration missing from the onboarding configuration page?

If you do not see Pardot as an option in the onboarding configuration page, contact your Onboarding Specialist to ensure that the integration has been enabled for your account.

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