In order to use this feature, you must have access to Terminus Data Studio as part of your Terminus subscription, and be a Salesforce customer. Additionally, you must have Lead-to-Account mapping enabled in your instance of Data Studio.

If you have any questions regarding your current subscription plan, please reach out to your Client Strategy Manager.

Feature Overview

Terminus customers may have leads in their Salesforce instances that are engaging with marketing campaigns, but have not been converted and associated to an account as a contact. By default, marketing touches associated to a Lead record are not captured in our standard reporting. However, Terminus offers a solution that can be easily enabled called "Orphan Lead Finder."

This feature allows the Terminus platform to run a matching algorithm through your Salesforce lead records, and surfaces the marketing touches from these engaged leads within your instance of Data Studio.


Salesforce customers also have the option to use this functionality to find account-to-lead relationships and write them back to your Salesforce instance, where you can then build custom reports and workflows to make sure every rep is thinking about the entire buying center for every account.


Installing the Package in Salesforce

Package Details

This feature is an unmanaged package, and is installed independently from the Sales Insights and Account Insights packages. 

Package URL:

The package creates a field called “Terminus Inferred Account” on the Lead object:


How this Feature Works

  • After integrating your Salesforce instance with Terminus Data Studio (part of the Data Studio onboarding process), the Terminus system will calculate lead-to-account matching (via our matching algorithm) during our nightly data cycles.  
  • Once Lead-to-Account Mapping has been configured in Data Studio, your settings and identified leads with inferred accounts can be reviewed in the Data Hygiene section of Terminus Data Studio (login required).
  • After associating Lead records to an inferred Account record based on information available on the Lead record, Data Studio leverages its existing Salesforce OAuth to write an Account ID to the new Lead field in Salesforce once a night, replacing the values of the field
  • The feature exclusively writes to the “Terminus Inferred Account” (Lead) column, and will not overwrite any other existing fields
  • We recommend adding the “Terminus Inferred Account” field to your Standard and Lightning Lead object record layouts, so users can quickly see the corresponding Account records
  • Be sure to double check which User Profiles have access to the modified layouts if you are having trouble with other users seeing the field in their views

Updating Field-Level Security

Depending on the settings in their Salesforce instance, some customers may need to update the field-level permissions for the integration user so that they have both read and write permission to the custom fields created by Terminus' Sales Insights package.

For more information on how to change field-level security, please reference this article.

Feature Note: High Confidence Matches

By default, the Terminus platform will only attribute "High Confidence" matches to accounts in your Salesforce instance. "Low" and "Medium" matches will still be surfaced on the Account-Specific page in the Terminus platform, however. Our team is happy to update your confidence setting by request, but only one level can be enabled at a time. To learn more about confidence settings, check out this article.

If you would like to update your Confidence Level setting, please contact

Benefits of this Feature

  • Stop sales development missteps. When a lead comes in, automatically show the Sales Development rep that it’s a member of an existing account already being worked, so they don’t strike a wrong chord with a message out of context.
  • Easily attach people to the right accounts. Create Salesforce automation to convert leads that come in on target accounts automatically, or ease the manual process. 
  • Account intel for lead reps. Sales reps can use account engagement and intent trends to deliver personalized outreach to leads associated with target accounts. 
  • Prioritize leads from target accounts. If your reps are on a lead model, you can help them prioritize the right leads to reach out to based on “fit” criteria and account engagement signals.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can Terminus convert Salesforce leads to accounts for us?

  • No; Terminus will not convert records in your Salesforce instance. This would have to be set up via your own Salesforce automation workflow.

What happens if there is a tie in the matching process?

  • In the event of a tie (for example, you have a lead that matches to duplicate account records), we use the count of contacts on the account records with the same domain to determine which account the lead is associated to (re: the lead will be associated to the account with more contacts)
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