This feature is only available to customers whose Terminus subscription includes a list-based CRM configuration for Data Studio. Additionally, utilizing this feature will require a customized scope of work, which will be determined by a Terminus Solutions Consultant before the onboarding process begins. 

NOTE: This information does not apply to customers using .CSV list uploads for Terminus advertising.

Guide contents include:

Feature Overview

The Terminus Data Studio provides a unified view of your customers and prospects that includes firmographic, technographic and behavioral signals so your team can create dynamic, targeted account audiences and engage them across every relevant channel – including activating sales for deeply personalized outreach

Terminus’s list-based Data Studio configuration allows customers to unlock the value of Data Studio regardless of the CRM platform they are using. By providing Terminus with information on their target accounts, customers will be able to leverage features that were previously exclusive to Salesforce and Dynamics customers, including access to Bombora intent data, email alerts for sales, and more. 

This option is ideal for customers whose CRM is not one of the following*:

*Direct integrations with these platforms are already supported

Data Studio feature access for list-based configuration customers will include*:

*May vary based on Terminus subscription plan and data configuration method selected 

This feature does not support the following Data Studio products:

Feature Details

With this feature, customers that use an alternative CRM to Salesforce/Microsoft Dynamics 365 will have access to an instance of Terminus Data Studio. This feature will require that customers give Terminus access to key information on your target accounts via a periodic/scheduled data sync. The Terminus system will use this data to power the areas of Data Studio previously mentioned. 

Configuration options for leveraging this feature include:

1.  Sending Account Data Only to Terminus

  • Only 1 upload required to start, with the option to update as frequently as weekly
  • Simple Dropbox delivery method
  • Feature access can include*: 
    • Enables Bombora data & Terminus data in Data Studio
    • Configure Global Filters with your account data
    • Create account lists and drive dynamic ad campaigns with all the data in Data Studio
    • Sales Alert emails based on account owner email
    • Account Discovery report with best-fit accounts that may not be in your CRM
    • Custom Dashboards to track and share KPIs across teams 
    • Access to Account Insights view in Data Studio (Certain features may be limited or unavailable)

2.  Sending Account + Opportunity Data to Terminus

  • Get started with an initial upload of accounts and related opportunities
  • Simple Dropbox delivery method
  • Update your opportunity data on a weekly basis to be able to track impact on pipeline
  • Feature access can include*: 
    • All features previously mentioned for Account Data Only
    • Additional Global Filters using your opportunity data
    • Access to Opportunity Insights report
    • Account Scorecard to track account-based success in driving pipeline and Revenue
    • Access to Account Insights view in Data Studio (Certain features may be limited or unavailable)

3.  Custom List-Based Data Sync (Custom Scope)

  • Ability to map Account, Opportunity, Contact, Sales Activity, Campaign and additional custom data to a Terminus Data Studio instance. 
  • Ability to leverage SFTP or Amazon S3 to deliver data to Terminus
  • Feature access can include*: 
    • All features previously mentioned
    • Additional Global filters using your additional data
    • Access to Campaign Analytics, Marketing Influence report, Opportunity Journey 
    • Access to Account Insights view in Data Studio
  • To enable Terminus’s Measurement Studio reports, campaign data will need to be brought in, with the option to also bring in additional data, which will increase the complexity of the effort required.
  • Scope of work to be determined with the Terminus Solutions Consultant.

*May vary based on Terminus subscription plan 

Outline of Requirements

To be able to leverage this feature, these general requirements should be considered:

  • Customer must be able to export their desired data from their current system
  • Customer must be able to provide the minimal field requirements on the data
  • Customer must be able to deliver the data via Dropbox, SFTP, or AWS Account

For more details on data requirements, and what objects/fields are used to power specific Data Studio features, please review the following documents:

Configuration Process

Customers can expect to have their Terminus Onboarding Specialist and a Solutions Consultant assist them in getting their Data Studio configured for the list-based option. 

The onboarding process for list-based Data Studio does not differ largely from Terminus’s standard onboarding operations. The three main areas of difference include: the initial upload of data to the Data Studio instance, ongoing updates of data throughout the duration of the contract, and the addition of custom data filters post-onboarding.

Initial Data Upload Process:

  • The customer has the ability to deliver the data in 3 ways:
    • A Dropbox folder shared directly with the customer. This will then be pushed to an S3 bucket (Easiest method for delivery) 
    • An S3 bucket directly through an AWS Account. The customer will need an AWS Account (Custom scope) 
    • An S3 bucket through an SFTP connection that is set up by the Technical Consultant (Custom scope) 
  • A Terminus Solutions Consultant will be able to determine which delivery setup would be best to reduce effort, and meet customers’ needs
  • The initial data upload should be provided in a format that meets the Data Requirements
  • An S3 Bucket will be provisioned by the Solutions Consultant. Access will then be shared to the customer by the Solutions Consultant in one of the 3 methods listed above.
  • Once the initial data is uploaded, the Solutions Consultant will map the data correctly into Data Studio and complete standing up the instance.

Additional Filters/Columns:

  • During onboarding, customers can expect the Onboarding Specialist and Solutions Consultant to handle the mapping and configuration of Global Filters in the platform. 
  • Post-onboarding, through a support ticket, customers can request that additional filters are created from their new data files. The Self-Service Configuration tool for Global Filters will not work with this feature.

How to Deliver Data to Terminus

List-based Data Studio customers can deliver account data to Terminus using the following methods:

  • Terminus provided shared Dropbox (Easiest Method for Standard Configuration)
  • SFTP Server (Custom scope with Terminus Solutions Consultant)
  • Connect directly with an AWS account (Custom scope with Terminus Solutions Consultant)

An example CSV template for the data transfer is shown below, and a template can also be downloaded at the bottom of this article. 


Ongoing Feature Support

Once the onboarding and initial configuration steps have been completed, customers can expect the following ongoing support for this feature:

  • Customers will be responsible for putting their new/updated data into the shared S3 bucket, through the method they selected during onboarding, by replacing the current files that are stored. 
  • Frequency of the upload of the new data should be once a week. Friday 2pm PST (5pm EST) for general upload. 
  • Further enhancements of this feature should allow for daily uploads to be processed, however that functionality is not available today.
  • The new data files should still meet Terminus’s Data Requirements in order to be processed successfully. 
  • After the data is successfully processed by the Terminus technical team, the next data cycle must run in order to update the data in the platform. The SLA from successful ingest of data to data cycle complete is 1 business day.


If I sent you an incorrect/bad file, can you revert back to the previous data set?

  • Yes; we have version control in place for data uploads, so we can revert back to a previously upload if needed.

Does Terminus offer on-demand data refresh for this feature?

  • No; data will only be refreshed on Fridays.


An example account list file can be downloaded below:

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