View-Through Visit and Conversion Tracking: Setup Guide


To use this feature, you must have Ad Experiences as part of your Terminus subscription, and have the Terminus Visitor ID tracking script installed on your website. 

This article focuses on how to setup conversion tracking within the Terminus platform. For more details on the report itself and how it can be used, check out this overview article.

How to Set Up Conversion Tracking

Selecting Conversion Pages

The most commonly tracked types of conversion pages are “thank you” (or conversion confirmation) pages. Thank you pages are pages that visitors are redirected to immediately after they submit a form, or download a piece of content on your website. 


Other types of conversion pages you could choose to track may include: high-value content pages, log-in pages, registration pages, contact us pages, pricing pages, free trial pages, and “request a demo” pages.

View-through visits (e.g., visits to any page that is not tagged as a conversion page in Terminus) will be tracked automatically when the Visitor ID script is installed on your website, so no additional configuration will be needed.

Exporting Page URLs from Your Marketing Automation Platform

Many Terminus customers host their landing pages through their marketing automation provider, or through other third party landing page platforms. 

Below are examples of how these pages can be easily exported from a few common marketing automation platforms.

Exporting Landing Page URLs from Marketo

To export a list of your landing page URLs from Marketo:

1) Navigate to Design Studio


2) Select “Landing Pages”


3) Select “Select All” and Export


4) Filter the CSV “Page URL” column in the CSV report by “thank-you” (or by whatever designation you’ve built into your URL structure)



5) Copy + bulk paste your URLs into the Terminus Setup Page


Exporting Landing Page URLs from HubSpot

To export a list of your landing page URLs from HubSpot:

1) Navigate to “Landing Pages” from the “Marketing” drop down in your main menu:


2) Select the pages (or all pages) you want to export. On the left hand menu, select “More Tools” and “Export All Pages and Posts”


3) Filter the report to find your desired URLs, and upload to the Terminus Setup page. Additional details on this process can be found here.


Configuring in Terminus

To configure your view-through conversion tracking, please navigate to:, which can be accessed in the dropdown menu, under the welcome message:


The conversion setup page will look like this:


  1. On the setup page, you’ll be asked to first select your conversion lookback window. By default, this will be set at 90 days, (recommended by Terminus), but users can select anywhere between 14-180 days. 
  2. Next, you’ll enter the conversion URLs you'd like to track. We recommend that you cast a wide net across your entire website to track any conversion that can occur; this should include conversion pages used in your Terminus advertising efforts, as well as any other conversion confirmation or thank-you pages on your website.
    • Please note that we can only track conversions for domains that are whitelisted in your Terminus account. You can verify your whitelisted domains by navigating to the “Engagement Spike” tab, or you can reach out to your CSM.


    • URLs can be wildcarded by adding an * at the end of the root URL (ex:*)
      • You cannot wildcard in the middle of a URL; for example:*/thank-you
      • If you wish to track both a specific URL, and all subsequent pages with that same URL structure, you will need to add both URLs as conversion pages. For example:
        • If you wanted to track all view-through conversions on (which is a high-traffic page on your site), and wildcard* so that all related platform pages are also tracked, you will need to add both URLs as conversion pages.
    • There is no limit on the number of conversions URLs that can be added.
    • Multiple URLs can be added at once by copying & pasting directly into the URL box, and selecting “Add URL.”


3. Once you've submitted the URLs, Terminus will begin tracking any conversions that occur going forward.



  • Can I also see Linkedin view-through visits and conversions within Terminus?
    • No; currently this report will only showing view-through activity for cookie-based display, retargeting, and global/IP-based tactics.
  • Will I be able to see retroactive view through visits/conversions, after I complete this setup?
    • No; visits/conversions will only be tracked from the time your landing page URLs have been input into the Terminus setup interface.
  • Why don’t the account names in my View-Through Conversion report match the Account Names in Visitor ID reports? 
    • The view-through conversions report is based on cookie-level data, which is where the Account Name is identified from. Visitor ID, on the other hand, is based on a reverse-IP lookup, so it is possible that there may be some variation in account names between the two reports.
  • Why am I seeing accounts with conversions in VTC reports, but no visits in Visitor ID?
    • There are two main reasons why these wouldn't match up: 
      • 1) The account in question doesn't have an IP address in our lookup database
      • 2) The account conversion occurred from a device not on the corporate ID. Because conversions are cookie based, we may not see them in Visitor ID

  • Do view-through visits and conversions share the same lookback window?
    • Yes.
  • What if I accidentally input a URL with a typo, or a URL that is no longer live?
    • Our system has front end validation built in that will check to make sure URLs are valid or not. You will receive an error message in the Terminus UI if you input a URL that is not valid.
  • Can Terminus’s view-through tracking capture conversions that occur on custom javascript - for example, a pop-up notification?
    • No, we do not support tracking on javascript today.
  • Can I track conversions that occur on a 3rd party or partner site? 
    • Currently we are only able to track activity on domains that you own (re: that you are able to place our Visitor ID script on), and have been whitelisted in the Terminus system.
  • Can I track conversions that occur on pages hosted by a 3rd party landing page site?
    • Yes; if you can install the VID script on the site (or hosting site), and it’s a white labeled domain, we can track activity on those pages.
  • I understand that Terminus’s reporting for view-throughs is only at the account level. How can I determine who the person that visited/completed the conversion action is?
    • Terminus provides the date the visit/conversion happened so you can easily cross-reference activity that occurred on that same day within Data Studio, or your marketing automation platform/CRM. For example, in Data Studio, you could navigate to the account-specific page, and match interactions on that account on the date the conversion/visit happened to draw deeper conclusions about who the converting/visiting individual might have been.


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