[SEPTEMBER 2019] NEW RELEASE: Enhanced Advertising Audience Segmentation with Global Filters

[ 9.12.19 ]

When creating an email nurture program, it’s always important to consider how you can tailor content based on how recipients are engaging with the program — typically by using if/then logic. If they open and click on email A, then they receive email C next week. If they don’t open email A, then they proceed to email B the following week, etc.

But with digital advertising, it’s difficult to segment out your message based on where an account is in the buying cycle without creating a lot of manual work. It’s even more difficult to automate action based on behavioral signals like intent or engagement, since those signals may pop up before a person becomes a lead and go away within a matter of days.

Through an account-based lens, this creates issues in list management, as the target accounts you select at the beginning of the quarter will all quickly require different activities and messaging based on how they engage with and progress through your programs.

But now, with Terminus’ Enhanced Audience Segmentation capabilities, it’s possible to dynamically move target accounts between tactics — based on their behavior. You can even use cross-object fields pulled from your CRM.


Imagine being able to start with one list of accounts defined through firmographics, and personalizing an ad and content journey for each account dynamically throughout your reporting period — while still having all activities roll back up to that one master list for easy measurement. 

Ready to get started?

Check out the full knowledge base article for more information on how to create advertising tactics using Enhanced Audience Segmentation.

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