[AUGUST 2019] NEW RELEASE: Embedded Intent Powered by Bombora in Terminus Account Hub

[ 8.15.19 ]

As we announced at our Untapped customer conference earlier this month, Terminus Account Hub customers on specific plans are getting Embedded Intent powered by Bombora

You can use this intent data to create better content tied to topics your target accounts are researching, light up accounts with digital advertising based on research surges on those topics, and accelerate deals with a better understanding of where an account is in their buying cycle.

Terminus Bombora Intent Data

If you aren’t already on the full Terminus platform, come on in! The water’s fine. Learn more about Bombora intent data and reach out to your Terminus CSM to see if you qualify.

*If you’re already on a paid Bombora plan, check with your CSM to make sure you’re maximizing its full potential — including net new account identification and data portability into your CRM.

Ready to get started?

Check out the full knowledge base article for more information on how to select topics and configure your integration.

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