Why doesn't the data from my custom report match the data in my Terminus Ad Experiences instance?

Custom Reporting

Some Terminus customers, depending on their subscription or services agreement, may have access to custom reporting options outside of what is readily available to them in the Terminus platform.

Custom manual reporting run by the Terminus team on behalf of a customer runs at the account domain level within each advertising tactic in a campaign. This level of reporting will exclude "un-attributable data". 

Un-attributable data occurs when impressions or clicks in a given tactic can not be tied back to the account we served the ad to. This is caused by privacy controls / software on an individual's browser that masks their identity as they view or click the ad. As a result, Terminus will receive the incoming impression or click and know which tactic it belongs to, but not which specific account within the tactic it came from. 

Tactic-level reporting within Terminus Ad Experiences is designed to mirror what customers actually spent (impressions) and the clicks that occurred, regardless if we can tie back to the account that we served the ad to. The typical tactic may contain 2-6% un-attributable data. We include the unattributed data within the summary stats of a tactic or campaign. 

Attributed vs. Unattributed Data in Terminus Ad Experiences

In addition to custom reporting, this can also occur within a few areas of the Terminus Ad Experiences interface. Account-level reporting will only include attributable data:

Account-level reporting in the Tactic Details page:

If you are looking to report at the individual account-level, this view will be the most accurate. 

Where as campaign or tactic-level metrics will include unattributable data:

Campaign Overview Page:

Campaign-Details Page:

Tactic-Details Page:

If you are looking to report on the overall performance of your advertising campaigns/tactics, these are the best numbers to use, as they will reflect the total impressions, clicks, and spend tied to a specific tactic or campaign. 
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