This feature is currently available to customers who have completed their Terminus Data Studio setup, and who have Account Insights included on their plan. If you have questions regarding your current plan, please reach out to your Terminus Customer Success Manager.

The information in this article will be especially helpful for Marketing and Sales teams that plan to use the Account Insights feature. This article will cover:

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Feature Overview

Account Insights provides an aggregated view of the most crucial buying signal data, (both known lead/contact data and anonymous account-level insights) for your target accounts, and can be displayed right within Salesforce.


With Terminus’s previously released Sales Insights package, powered by Visitor ID and account-based advertising, users can easily create sales alerts and scheduled reports that tell reps which accounts they should be prioritizing each week. With Account Insights, reps can take their workflow a step further to understand who, within a specific account, they should reach out to, and how they should be tailoring their outreach based on areas of interest in that account. 

Customers can also view this information in Data Studio, within the Account-Specific Page.


Feature Details

Account Insights will provide an aggregated view of all the buying signal data in Salesforce, to enable users with full visibility of their accounts. This data will include: 

    • Marketing activities
    • Sales activities
    • Anonymous website page views
    • Anonymous website engagement spikes
    • Bombora intent surges

The four main tabs within the Account Insights package include: Insights, People, Activities, and Journey. 



Tab Summary:

  • Gives details on who the salesperson should be interacting with, shows how wide they have gotten with the account over the past 90 days and who we have spoken with in the past.  
  • Highlights the collaboration between marketing and sales on the account. 
  • Shows how recently the account has spiked, and which Terminus engagement models the prospects spiked on. Allows you to highlight the collaboration opportunity of building the engagement models with Sales. 
  • Shows the intent topics that are being researched by individuals on the account.

Tab Details:

Lead/Contact Activity Card 

  • Shows the most active person over that last 90 days
    • Based on the lead/account contact with the most combined sales and marketing activities in the time period
    • Clicking the name will navigate to the “People” tab, sorting on “Last activity date” in descending order
  • New leads/contacts added over the last 90 days
    • Shows the total number of net-new leads/contacts added to an account
    • Clicking the text will navigate to the “People” tab, sorting on “Created Date” in descending order
  • Previous Opportunity’s Contact
    • Shows who the primary contact was on the most recent opportunity for that account

Activity Trends Card

  • Shows the total number of people influenced (campaign response) by marketing over 90 days
    • Trendline of unique people influenced by marketing, grouped by week
    • Total people influenced is the total unique people influenced by marketing over the 90 day period
  • Anonymous website visits over the last 90 days
    • Total anonymous page views, grouped by week
    • Total website visits is the sum of anonymous page views over the 90 day period

Interest on Website Card

    • Last engagement spike date from Visitor ID (weekly)
    • Last model(s) spiked from the last engagement spike
    • Bar graph shows the frequency of all weekly spikes by model during the 90 day period
    • *Note: This section will be greyed out if you have not set up a Terminus Engagement Spike model

Topics Being Researched Card

  • Last Bombora Intent surge date (weekly)
  • Bar graph shows the frequency of all weekly Bombora intent surges during the 90 day period
  • *Note: This section will be greyed out if you do not have access to your Bombora Intent Surge data in Data Studio



Tab Summary:

  • Gives a list outlining each individual lead/contact that has interacted on the account. Highlights when the lead/contact was created, their last activity, if they are included on an opportunity and the quantity of sales and marketing activities in total and broken out by department. 
  • Shows the specific interactions between the individual and your company. This data can be used to help shape sales conversations that are in line with what the prospect has been looking at.    

Tab Details:

  • Parent table data
    • Person: Lead or contact name
    • Title: Lead or contact title
    • Date Created: Lead or contact created date
    • Last Opportunity: Opportunity created date of the last opportunity that the contact was the primary contact role of
    • Last Activity: Most recent marketing or sales activity date in 90 day period
    • # Activities: Total marketing or sales activities in 90 day period
    • # Marketing (activities): Total marketing activities in 90 day period
    • # Sales (activities): Total sales activities in 90 day period
  • Expansion panel data
    • Activity Name: Sales = task subject line; Marketing = campaign name
    • Activity Type: Sales = task record; Marketing = campaign member record
    • Type: Sales = task type; Marketing = campaign type
    • Date: Sales = task created date; Marketing = campaign member first responded date
  • CSV Export: Exports the available data in table, regardless of page



Tab Summary:

  • At a glance, this is a list view of all known and anonymous activity on an account including the activity name, type, the lead/contact name and the lead/contact title. 
  • See where you are making headway and through which channel. 
  • View activity according to department and channels and be able to produce reports on that information

Tab Details:

  • Data filters to hide or show data returned
    • Show marketing activities
    • Show sales activities
    • Show anonymous activities
    • Show opportunities
  • Table data
    • Data source by type:


  • CSV export



Tab Summary:

  • Shows marketing and sales activity plotted over time. 
  • Highlights Sales, and Marketing activities independently. 
  • Allows you to hover over specific weeks to understand detailed behaviors.
  • Shows anonymous site visits and how those coordinated with various activities.
  • Shows the opportunity stage progression.

Tab Details:

Select opportunity

  • Only shows open opportunities in the previous 90d period
  • Maps a single opportunity’s journey by stage change

Combo chart

  • Hover-over weeks to see details
    • Total sales activities
    • Total marketing activities
    • Total page views
  • Engagement Spikes
    • Comma delimited models spiked
  • Intent Surges
    • Comma delimited topics surged
  • Sales activities details
  • Marketing activities details

Marketing and sales activities (primary y-axis, dual bar graph)

  • Total marketing and sales activities by week

Anonymous Site Visits

  • Total Visitor ID page views by week


Ready to install this feature?

Check out this article for step-by-step instructions, troubleshooting tips, and FAQs. 

What Questions Can Account Insights Help Answer? 

Sales and Customer Success reps often have difficulty translating individual alerts from multiple data sources into clear actions they should take. Account Insights combines all relevant data sources into a single view, so reps can quickly figure out the best next step to take, and do so in a timely manner

Within the Account Insights package, reps can use the data at hand to answer questions like:


  • Which lead/contact is most engaged with marketing or sales activities? Is this the right point of contact?
  • Are we expanding the buying center?
  • Was there a contact previously involved in an opportunity?
  • How much is marketing influencing this account?
  • Is this account anonymously browsing our digital properties?
  • What are the product lines this account is showing a spike of traffic for?
  • What are the trends of Bombora Intent Topics that are being researched anonymously?


  • Who is known in the buying center?  Do we have all the right contacts?
  • How much activity do they have in the past 90 days?
  • What was the timeline of those activities?


  • What is the timeline of recent activities and opportunity stages?
  • What type of activities are having the most impact at this account?


  • What are the overall trends of sales, marketing, and website activities?
  • How are my activities influenced by open opportunities in the pipeline? 
  • Are we engaging the right people in this account at the right time?
  • Is engagement trending up as an opportunity progresses?


Want more tips and best practices for Account Insights?

Check out this video from the Terminus marketing team!


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