How to Re-Authenticate Your Salesforce Connection in Ad Experiences

Customers leveraging our Salesforce integration with Ad Experiences may, at some point, need to re-authenticate their connection for one of the following reasons:

  • Their connection with their current SFDC instance has been disrupted/broken
  • They need to re-authenticate with a new SFDC user 
  • They need to connect a different instance of SFDC with their Ad Experiences account 

This article will cover instructions for the first two scenarios. If you need to connect your Ad Experiences instance with a different/new instance of SFDC, please contact 

Re-Authenticating an Expired SFDC Integration

If you receive the following message in your Ad Experiences instance (generally displayed at the tactic level):


Navigate to Settings > Integrations tab > Select the "Authenticate Salesforce" button, and follow the standard OAuth steps:


Once you've re-authenticated, you should see this updated message:



Re-Authenticating with a new SFDC User

If you need to re-authenticate the integration with a different SFDC user in your current instance, navigate to Settings > Integrations tab > Re-authenticate via the orange link: 


If you need to verify who your original authenticating user was, or, if you need to break the current SFDC integration, you can follow these steps in your SFDC instance:

Navigate to Setup at the top right inside Salesforce

  • On the left hand pane please click into the “Quick Find / Search”, paste in “Connected Apps OAuth Usage”
  • Click “Connected Apps OAuth Usage”, on this page you should see a connected app called “MyTerminus”


  • To the right of this you should see a column with “user count”, please click this underlined number and a user name will be displayed. Here, you can also revoke access for the connected user.


If you have additional questions please reach out to



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