To use this feature, you must have Engagement Models as part of your subscription. Additionally, you must have Account-Based Visitor ID installed

To download the a .PDF version of the Report Guide, please navigate to the end of this article.

For more information on how to set up an Engagement Model, check out this article!

Downloading Your Report

After you create an Engagement Modela button to download the associated Engagement Spike report, which generates each week on Saturdays, will be available on the Engagement Spike overview page. You will also have the ability to download the previous week’s report under the “Last Week’s Report” column. Each weekly report is only available for download for two weeks that begin on Saturdays and end on Fridays.

Note: You will only see a new report available under the "Current Week's Report" column if you had accounts that spiked the prior week.  


Interpreting the Data in Your Report

The data included in your Engagement Spike reports will reflect engagement captured from Saturday to Friday of the prior week. When you download the CSV report for your model, the report will look similar to this:


The data columns in your Spike report will include:

Account Name
This is the name of the target account you provided. This field comes directly from the audience source you used to build your Terminus tactics (e.g., Salesforce, CSV upload, HubSpot, etc.)

Account Domain
This is the associated web address you provided with your target account to build a Terminus tactic. This field comes directly from the audience source you used to build your Terminus tactics (e.g., Salesforce, CSV upload, HubSpot, etc.).

Visitor ID Tracked Domain
This is the domain identified by Account-Based Visitor ID, and is attributed to a target account based on our B2B Account Graph. B2B Account Graph is a machine learning, artificial intelligence technology that connects all the ways in which companies and account names are related to each other (such as through DBAs, acquisitions, etc.). This value gives you insight into how the B2B Account Graph mapped the visiting account domain to your target account.

Spike Status
This shows whether a spike is new or repeat:

  • New spikes are from accounts that have never spiked before OR are spiking for the first time in at least the past four weeks.
  • Repeat spikes are spikes from accounts that have already spiked during the last four weeks. Repeat spikes indicate increasing engagement over multiple weeks and should be considered highly engaged.

Spike Percentage
This is only available for accounts that are repeat spiking, the spike percentage shows the percentage increase in engagement since the last spike in a four-week period for that particular account. It provides a sense of how large the increase in engagement is from the last spike. The spike percentage will typically be highest the first or second time an accounts spikes. This is because, as an account’s engagement increases over time, the four-week rolling average will also increase. As a result, accounts are less likely to demonstrate a dramatic spike.

High Value Page Unique Visitors
This shows the number of unique visitors from an account who viewed any of the pages tagged as High Value within the past week.

High Value Page Views
This shows the number of High Value pages viewed by an account within the past week.

Top High Value Page Visits
These are pages that you have designated at "High Value" in your Spike model, and could indicate buying intent, interest in your product offerings, or otherwise have proven value indicators when consumed. We will display up to the top 10 pages accounts were visiting, that were marked as “High Value” in your engagement model, when they were considered to be spiking.

Brand Awareness Unique Visitors
This shows the number of unique visitors from an account who viewed any of the pages tagged as Brand Awareness within the past week.

Brand Awareness Page Views
This shows the number of Brand Awareness pages viewed by an account within the past week.

Top Brand Awareness Page Visits
This shows up to the top 10 brand awareness pages visited that contributed in the engagement spike within the past week.

SFDC Owner Names
This displays all the names of owners listed for this account in your Salesforce CRM. There can be multiple names depending on the Salesforce object you used to build an advertising audience of accounts from. For example, on an account record, there can be many different opportunities with different opportunity owners. If you did not use Salesforce to create the audience of accounts, then this column will be empty.

Reporting on Engagement Spike Within Salesforce

For customers that have installed our Sales Insights tool, you can create customized reports based on your Engagement Spike models to help Sales personalize their messaging, prioritize outreach, and identify up-sell opportunities based off of account interest and engagement — right within Salesforce.

For more information on how to get this information synced back to your Salesforce instance, please reach out to your Terminus CSM or

Reporting view on the account object:MultipleEngagementModels_SFDC.png

Customizable reporting templates:Screen_Shot_2019-02-22_at_11.07.17_AM.png


How is an Engagement Spike calculated?

  • Using our proprietary algorithm, we analyzed the activity of unique visitors and page views for pages entered into a model to determine if there is  a significant increase in the level of engagement for an account compared to the prior level of engagement for that same account. After an account has Spiked for the first time, that account’s week-over-week activity will be used to create an average rolling four-week baseline that the current week’s engagement will be compared against. This is what determines if a spike is new or repeat. New spikes have no baseline of comparison thus have no spike percentage lift. The first repeat spike could have a very high percentage lift because the baseline comparison is 0.

Why don’t I have a new Spike report available for download? 

  • If you don't see a new report available for download, there were no accounts that had a level of web activity high enough to be considered "spiking" in the previous week. 

How many times can I download the same report? 

  • You are able to download the report as many times as needed for the current week. 

How long will a report be available for me to download?

  • When reports are generated and available for download, the same report will be available until the next Saturday morning.

Can I get an updated Engagement Spike report when I edit my pages?

  • Any edits that take place during the week will reflect the update in the next Saturday's report.


To download the .PDF Report Guide for this feature, see below! 

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