This feature is available to all customers of the Terminus Ad Experiences product.


Through Terminus's campaign to tactic relationship, users that want to run multi-threaded advertising plays can easily group similar advertising tactics under a single campaign umbrella.

When grouping tactics into a campaign, users have the option to either "start from scratch" when building a new tactic, or they can utilize our cloning feature. Tactic cloning functionality can be used to make adjustments to the settings of previously launched tactics, like editing Salesforce rules, changing department selections, or swapping in new ad creatives, without the hassle of re-entering additional settings that will remain the same.

A few important notes before utilizing this feature:

  • Tactic cloning is currently only available for display advertising tactics; IP-based, LinkedIn, and retargeting tactics cannot be cloned.
  • Tactic cloning is only available for the following audience sources: Salesforce-integrated, HubSpot integrated, and .CSV list uploaded.
  • Tactic cloning can only be done in our old Campaign Builder UI (see below for details).

How to Clone an Advertising Tactic

After an initial tactic/campaign relationship is created, users can add to an existing campaign by starting from scratch, or by using the tactic cloning feature.

To get started, select the "New Campaign / New Tactic" button:



From there, you'll be navigated to the Campaign Builder home page and choose the type of campaign you wish to create. If you want to add a new tactic to an existing campaign, but start from scratch, you can select the "Create a Campaign / Tactic" button. If you want to clone an existing tactic, follow the hyperlink below.



For step-by-step instructions on the rest of the setup process, check out the video below:

How to Clone a Display Advertising Tactic


When cloning a Salesforce-integrated tactic, can I change the object my original tactic was built from?

  • No; when using the cloning feature, the original audience source (Salesforce), and the original object reference (for example, the Opportunity object), will need to be maintained. Additionally, tactics built from different audience sources and/or from different Salesforce objects cannot be grouped together in the same campaign.

If I cloned a .CSV list-uploaded tactic, will my original list be maintained?

  • No; if you cloned a list-uploaded tactic, you will need to re-upload the same list, or a new list of accounts.


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