[May 2019] FEATURE UPDATE: Web Visit & Engagement Spike Data for All CRM Accounts

[ 5.16.19 ]


You may have noticed some new engagement data filtering through your accounts in Salesforce. That’s because Terminus has expanded our partnership with Salesforce, enabling web visit and engagement spike data for all your CRM accounts — not just those currently receiving ads.

You can now filter, segment, report on, and build lists based on engagement data for all of your accounts, making it easier to add new engaged accounts to Terminus tactics or send to Sales for proactive outreach. This process is made even better with our automated Sales Insights push, which is easy to set up and customize based on what your sales and customer success reps want to see on the account page in SFDC.

This update will reflect across the Terminus product suite in a few areas:

  • Your Salesforce Sales Insights package will push all web visit and engagement spike data to every CRM account in your Salesforce instance
  • Account Hub will display web engagement data for every CRM account (Engagement Spike, Engagement Model, Page Views)

In Terminus Account HubScreen_Shot_2019-05-16_at_2.26.47_PM.png

In SalesforceSalesInsights.png

Feature Prerequisites

To utilize this feature, the following must be true:

Looking for some tips to help you get started?

Check out this video from the Terminus Marketing team!


How will this update affect my daily API calls in Salesforce?

  • This will have low impact on your SFDC API call limit (1 call per day per 10k accounts).

Will my Visitor ID data and weekly Engagement Spike reports look different with this update?

  • With this update, we expect customers to see more visits and engagement spikes in your regular reporting within the Account Hub, as this data is no longer restricted to just accounts that have been targeted in a Terminus advertising tactic.
  • Customers should also see more accounts in their CRM with web visits and engagement spike data.
  • Currently, this data will not be included within in-app Visitor ID reporting in Terminus Engage, nor will it reflect in Engagement Spike .CSV reports.

Please reach out to your Terminus CSM or support@terminus.com for any additional questions!

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