To use this integration, you must have Terminus Account Hub as part of your subscription. Additionally, you must have Relationships as part of your Sigstr subscription. 


Integration Overview 

Terminus's partnership with Sigstr allows joint customers to import their relationship intelligence data directly into Terminus Account Hub, where you can use it to create account lists, launch tailored multichannel campaigns, and evaluate your account progression across marketing and sales.

By using AI to analyze the email and calendar patterns of your employees, Sigstr Relationships quantifies the entire universe of relationships a brand has with customers and future customers based on real, authentic interactions.


Relationship intelligence offers a powerful way for marketing to accelerate deals, and save at-risk deals, by launching campaigns to accounts with weak relationship signals.

By combining engagement and relationship intelligence, modern marketers are reaching deeper and deeper into their sales cycles to improve conversion rates, accelerate deals to close, and keep sales focused on the right accounts. Relationship scores can even help you improve your pipeline forecast accuracy.

For more ideas on how to leverage the power of Terminus + Sigstr, check out our recent webinar with the Sigstr team:


Internal Configuration

If you are a Sigstr customer, the Terminus integration allows you to map the Sigstr Relationship Score from your connected CRM as a custom column in the Account Hub. If you've already completed your Terminus onboarding period, the Terminus Support team can add Relationship Score as a new column for you in your Account Hub instance - please reach out to to have this configured.



Your Terminus Hub Admin can also add Relationship Score as a Global Filter on the Account object, via the Hub Configuration page:


For more information on the Terminus + Sigstr partnership, please reach out to your Terminus Customer Success Manager! 


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