Integrating Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Terminus Account Hub


The steps below assume that your organization has already registered an application for the Terminus Hub integration in Azure. Microsoft’s instructions for registering an application can be found here. Note that Terminus Hub does not support integration with an on-premise deployment of MS Dynamics; however, organizations using an on-premise CRM may instead be eligible for our List-Based Hub solution. 


This document outlines the steps for integrating Terminus Account Hub with your Microsoft Dynamics 365 instance. Note: This integration requires an Azure/Dynamics 365 Admin user.

Customers who integrate their Terminus Hub instance with Microsoft Dynamics can access the following app pages:

Dynamics-integrated customers can also use their Account Hub lists as an audience source in their Terminus Engage (advertising) instance. There is currently no direct integration available between the Terminus Engage platform and Dynamics. 

Steps To Integrate

Step 1 -  Add the Account Hub Redirect URIs to your Dynamics 365 Azure account.

a. Log in to:

b. Navigate to the Admin centers menu on the left hand navigation and click on Azure Active Directory. This will load the Azure Active Directory admin center console.


c. From the Azure Active Directory admin center console click on Azure Active Directory under Favorites in the left hand navigation pane.


Click on App registrations in the navigation panel.


Click on your own organization’s application* in the All applications list ('Test' in this example). *See 'Prerequisite' section at the start of document for more information.


 f. Click on the Redirect URIs section.


g. On this page add the following url (with a Type of "Web"):



h. Click Save in the top action bar once all the url has been added.


Step 2  - Authorize the  Dynamics : Account Hub integration through the Terminus Hub Configuration page.

a. Log in to using the temporary credentials provided by your Onboarding Specialist.

b. On the Dynamics integration page enter the requested information, which is:


Box 1 is your Office 365 Organization Name. This Organization Name will be located in the browser's URL bar when you first log in to Dynamics 365. It should look like this:


The Organization Name is the name you have selected for your online organization. This is customizable, and is validated for uniqueness within the respective data centre.



Box 2 is your Dynamics instance's Discovery Service Endpoint URL. Find your Discovery Service Endpoint URL by logging in as an Admin to Dynamics 365 and navigating to:

 Settings > Customizations > Developer Resources.

The “Endpoint Address” under "Discovery Web API" will contain the URL we need. See this page for more detailed instructions.dynamics_service_root_url.png

c. Once you've populated both boxes with the correct identifiers, hit ‘Connect to Dynamics’.  And now you're done! Terminus will automatically be notified of the successful connection and will begin syncing your CRM data to the Account Hub. 

If you have questions at any point in the process outlined above, please reach out to your Terminus Onboarding Specialist or for assistance. 


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