Terminus Engage is our digital advertising platform, where you can launch and manage digital advertising campaigns, manage your advertising integrations, and access related engagement features and advertising-specific reporting, including: Engagement Models, Visitor ID, and View-Through visit and conversion tracking.

Terminus Hub is your digital command center for target account list management, and broader program reporting. Within the Hub, users can manage our Bombora intent integration, and view your Terminus account data alongside your 1st party data from your connected CRM and marketing automation platforms. The Hub is also where users can access a wide range of reports, including ABM Scorecard, dashboards, Opportunity Insights, and our advanced analytics suite, including Campaign Analytics, and revenue attribution.

Currently, these two main areas of the Terminus platform have separate registration processes, but you can easily switch between both interfaces once you’re logged in.

User Permissions for Terminus Engage

By default, all new users who register for a Terminus Engage account will have the same user permission levels. All standard Engage users have the ability to:

  • Create, pause, archive, and edit advertising tactics.
  • Edit advertising budgets and change ad creatives.
  • Access and download .CSV reports.
  • Access all additional features of the Engage platform, as provisioned by your Terminus subscription. 
  • View and manage your Salesforce integration
  • View Terminus Settings, including User Account and Company information. 
  • Authorize and manage additional 3rd party integrations in the Engage platform. 

Currently, the Engage product does not offer differentiated user permissions for Admin or Super Admin users.

If you would like to create a user account that is "view only" for your Terminus instance, please contact support@terminus.com. "View Only" users will not be able to:

  • Create, pause, archive, or edit advertising tactics.
  • Edit advertising budgets or change ad creatives.
  • Download .CSV reports.
  • View or manage your Salesforce integration, or other 3rd party integrations.
  • View your Terminus Settings, including User Account and Company information.  

User Permissions for Terminus Hub

User Permissions

  • By default, every user will have access to all of the platform pages in the Terminus Hub. 
  • If you want to limit visibility for a specific user, your organization’s Admins can set up or change the user’s permissions by navigating to the Permissions page of the Settings menu.


Org Admin Functionality

  • Org Admins can remove user permissions and control page permissions for registered users. Org Admins can also access the Hub Configuration page, and the read-only Stages page.
  • An org admin can be assigned by the Terminus Support team (support@terminus.com) or your Terminus Onboarding Specialist or CSM. There is no limit on how many Org users can have Admin access.
  • The Terminus Support team and Org Admins can remove users by navigating to the permissions tab and removing the checkmark from the “enabled” column next to the user.

Feature Access

  • Dashboards can either be created as Public or Private. Public dashboards are visible to all registered users of the platform. Private dashboards are only visible to the owner. Dashboards can only be edited by the owner. The Terminus Support team can change ownership of a dashboard or delete dashboards as well.

  • Saved Reports can be Public, Read-Only or Private. Public reports can be seen and edited by all registered users. Read-Only reports are visible to all registered users but can only be edited by the owner. Private reports can only be seen and edited by registered users. 

  • Saved sets of Global Filters can be set as public or private. Public sets of global filters can be seen and edited by all users. Private sets of global filters can only be seen by the creator. 


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