Registering for the Terminus Engage Platform

During your onboarding period, your Terminus Onboarding Specialist will send you a unique sign-up link to create a user account for your Engage advertising instance. This link can be shared with any additional team members to create their own login to your Engage instance. Once you create a user account via your sign-up link, you can access your Engage instance immediately.


If you need to add a new user to your Engage instance and do not have access to your unique sign up link, please contact to have the user created for you. Additionally, please contact the Support team if you need to remove an existing user from your Engage instance. There is no limit on how many users you can add to your Engage instance.

Once you've created a user account, you can access your Engage instance at any time:

Registering for the Terminus Hub

New users for the Terminus Hub can register for an account with this link: Once the individual has verified their email address, our Support team will associate the new user with your instance of the platform; this process can take up to one business day. The registration link is universal, and can be used for all users. You do not need to notify our team in advance when a new user is registered - you can simply share the registration link to have more internal users gain access to your Hub instance.

Please note: Our support team will associate new users to their instance based on their email domains. If you work with an agency or another third party with an email address that does not match your company name, please notify the support team so that we can associate the new user appropriately.

Once you've created a user account, you can access your Hub instance at any time:



During onboarding, we will assign a primary Admin to your Hub instance. The primary Admin will have the ability to remove users from your Hub instance. To learn more about Admin and general user permissions across the Terminus platform, please visit this article. If you need to change who the primary Admin on your account is, please contact


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