To use this feature, you must have Global IP Targeting as part of your subscription.


In addition to our display and retargeting capabilities, Terminus now provides IP Targeting for non-US display advertising. The new display advertising is fully GDPR compliant, alongside the already available integration to LinkedIn for global reach. With it, users can orchestrate their US and global campaigns from a single hub without engaging additional tools for new markets. On our end, we make sure the type of targeting is appropriate and compliant in every region you serve. 

Feature Details

Account-level display targeting in non-US markets can be a challenge, both because of limited or low-quality cookie inventory, and because of strict personal privacy regulations (such as GDPR within the EU). Terminus account-based display advertising in non-US markets leverages IP-based targeting at the account level to offer our customers the best balance of reach, coverage, and compliance. This also makes Terminus one of the few platforms that enables marketers to leverage both IP and cookie-based targeting from a single, centralized campaign management system.

With Terminus's international ad serving capabilities, customers have the ability to:

  • Serve ads across Europe, the Middle East, APAC and LATAM
    • NOTE: Due to Chinese regulations, APAC currently excludes the ability to target in China. Additionally, Terminus cannot target the following countries: Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria. 
  • Use "Rooftop targeting" to reach company headquarter buildings* (*IP targeting does not allow for targeting departments or personas)
  • View the same account-level impression, click, and cost metrics in your advertising tactics* (*All IP-based campaigns will show a ‘Reach’ of 1, because we’ve matched a single IP address). 

Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager for additional details on coverage.

GDPR Compliance

IP targeting relies on company data, but no personally identifiable information (or PII). When you set up ads to serve outside of the United States, we’ll automatically use the most appropriate targeting method to keep you compliant without any extra work or setup.

Please note, you’ll still need to ensure that any forms or cookies you carry on your web properties comply with GDPR regulations.

Fraud Protection, Brand Safety, and Viewability

All Terminus display advertising, regardless of what geography it’s being served to, leverages our world-class advertising system designed to get more of your ads in front of the people that matter, on high-quality sites.

When you run a Terminus display ad, here’s some of the things we do before your impression hits human eyeballs:

  • Brand safety filter to ensure your ads only serve on high-quality sites without potentially negative affiliations. Remember, we’re trying to create a positive brand association here, so we never put your ads on low-quality sites.
  • High-viewability test to make sure that when you bid on an impression, the ad is actually viewable by the site visitor for as long as possible. We’re constantly optimizing our platform to offer ads that real people actually see for a meaningful amount of time.
  • Fraud prevention system that continuously optimizes to remove fraudulent impressions from our system using a variety of technologies driven by machine learning. Across our customer base, we see average fraud rates of under 3%, significantly beating programmatic ad benchmarks (which hover around 17% in the US). 

**Please note: This feature is currently in an early access phase for Terminus customers. Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager for more information.

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