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To use this feature, you must have the Terminus Data Studio product as part of your subscription, and you must be an API Enabled Salesforce CRM customer*.

*Salesforce Editions which include API access are: Enterprise, Unlimited, Developer, and Performance. Customers on the Professional Edition may purchase API access through Salesforce at an additional cost.


What is Terminus Data Studio?

The Terminus Engagement Hub is designed to enable everyone in marketing, sales, and leadership to address the challenges facing ABM teams today. Within the platform, users can identify and prioritize target accounts, engage the buying committee with multichannel programs, send actionable insights to sales, measure results, and report on success to their entire organization.

Terminus Data Studio is your central account intelligence data platform. It automatically ingests account-level firmographic and behavioral intelligence to give you a 360-degree view of all of your accounts. From there, you can easily build actionable target account lists, identify gaps in marketing or sales coverage, and prioritize your ABM efforts across marketing and sales. The Terminus Engagement Platform also offers a robust account-based analytics suite, called Measurement Studio, which includes our Campaign Analytics, Opportunity Insights, and Opportunity Journey views, so it’s easy to assess and optimize individual campaigns, and report on holistic program success to your leadership team.

Why does Terminus Data Studio require integration with Salesforce?

You’ll maximize the value you get from the Terminus platform by integrating with your Salesforce CRM. By integrating, you’ll be able to easily sort and analyze pipeline and revenue outcomes, drill-down on campaign and opportunity outcomes, and leverage dynamic CRM data in your account targeting and engagement plays.

Integration with your CRM is also the best way to leverage Terminus to provide an overall view of the efficacy and impact of your marketing programs on revenue.

How does the integration with Salesforce work?

The Data Studio Salesforce integration follows the standard OAuth Web Server Authentication pattern. The integration is simple and does not require any package installation or modification of your Salesforce instance. Your Onboarding Specialist will walk you step-by-step through the OAuth process.


Is there any Salesforce Admin work required?

We recommend creating or leveraging an existing API Enabled integration User in Salesforce with Read access to the required objects. With a dedicated integration User you can easily control what data is accessible by Terminus using the built-in Salesforce user permissions. It also eliminates the need to re-authenticate the integration due to organizational turnover.

What API access does Terminus Data Studio require? How many API calls are made per day?

Data Studio requires that your Salesforce instance be API Enabled. We make use of the REST API in the onboarding process and the Bulk API for historical and daily data syncs. The number of calls Data Studio makes will vary according to an organization’s total and updated volumes of data. A single API call will fetch up to 500,000 records per object.

What objects are required for Terminus Data Studio?

Read access to the following objects is required for all versions of Terminus Data Studio:

  • Account
  • Campaign
  • CampaignMember
  • CampaignMemberStatus
  • Contact
  • Lead
  • Opportunity
  • OpportunityContactRole
  • RecordType
  • Task
  • User
  • UserRole
  • OpportunityLineItem
  • PricebookEntry
  • Product2

In order for us to be able to properly pull in User Roles, "View Roles and Role Hierarchy" must be for permissioned for the SFDC integration user. More information on this setting can be found here. Having the "View All Data" permission setting enabled on the authenticating user profile will also allow for this, and is an ideal scenario for Data Studio implementation.

Read access to the following additional objects is required for stand-alone Measure and the Pro and Enterprise TEAM platforms:

  • OpportunityHistory
  • OpportunityFieldHistory
  • OpportunityStage

In addition to these standard objects, Data Studio may require access to custom objects defined in your Custom Onboarding Plan.

What fields are required for Terminus Data Studio?

We recommend providing Read access to all standard and custom fields on each object listed above. If you have questions about specific fields, please reach out to your Terminus representative so we can provide more detailed guidance.

Does Terminus Data Studio need Read and Write permissions?

No. Data Studio only needs Read permission to your Salesforce instance.

How often does Terminus Data Studio sync with Salesforce?

Data Studio pulls in new and updated records from Salesforce every 24 hours, for both your test and production instances of the Terminus Engagement Hub.

Does Terminus Data Studio store our Salesforce data?

Yes. Terminus stores all data from the Salesforce objects named above, according to your platform type. Should you choose to end your relationship with Terminus, your data is deleted in accordance with your contract end date.

What security precautions are in place?

Data Studio follows industry best practices related to application security and compliance. Both the Data Studio web application as well as our API connection to Salesforce require a secure HTTPS connection. Terminus is an AppExchange approved vendor and performs regular web application vulnerability scans and third party penetration testing in accordance with industry standards such as OWASP, SANS/CWE Top 25, and CERT Secure. Terminus is SOC 2 compliant. We have been through many Enterprise security reviews and have never had any issues.

If you require detailed security documentation, please contact your Terminus representative.

Can I test Terminus Data Studio with a Salesforce Sandbox?

Since Data Studio only requires Read access to your Salesforce instance and is optimized to use a minimal number of API calls, sandbox testing is rarely needed and is not advised.

However, Data Studio does support Salesforce Sandbox testing utilizing a Full Copy Sandbox Environment. Please contact your Terminus representative to set this up.

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